I was thinking of reading up on some astrophysics to flesh out my little Arks/magic is just solving multidimensional equations in realtime setting and happened across galactic filaments when I was having a look at dark matter/dark energy and if this isn't the most awe-inspiring shit I've ever read

Yeah, I've played XCOM I'll be keeping the mask and my distance vaccine or not

Another terrible joke I made for FB's Eye on Terra group.

Ibram Gaunt graduates from the Schola Progenium

Look at them, going around being Extra-Astartes. Jumped up Astartes. Jumpstartes.

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I will never take Primaris Astartes seriously. I simply will not

Me: "Stealth roll? I'll use magic for an automatic success."
GM: "You still have to roll 1 magic die for it"
Me: [rolls a fumble]
GM: "Ooh a mishap, roll a D66!"
Me: [rolls 66]
Magic Mishap Table: "Your magic rips open a rift to another dimension, and a demon pulls you over to the other side. Time to make a new character. Your old character will come back as an NPC after D66 days but will be...changed."

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