Communist shitpost image, so politics, also chickens 

I had to

Time to try and recall the half-semester of MySQL I took in 2010 and see if I can get around the site-building software's insistence on not letting me change the admin username or avatar. What could go wrong?

Someone had the genius idea of uploading green blocks and a couple of icons the Dungeon Painter Studio's Steam Workshop and Alien RPG maps ahoy!

Writing an unofficial sequel to the published Alien campaign you already ran means you can just modify all the assets you already had on Roll20 and save a shedload of time :D

This is one of the more pretentious looking blurbs I've written for a game. Running it online for Gaelcon this year as the pandemic sort of makes physical conventions impossible.

Came across Eldritch Foundry the other day, was suitably impressed by the model creation tool to buy one (just the STL file) and now I'm working on importing it into Tabletop Simulator. There's over 1.5 million vertices in the original, that number will have to come down a LOT. Mostly the face, there's a load of options to make them smile/angry, jaw open or twisted to one side etc. But this is a pretty cool idea and I approve.

Oh my god, Untitled Goose Game is getting two player mode! Two horrible geese!

Tried building a temple of Sigmar from Buildings of the Reikland using Talespire. It's a little short on art assets still, but there's definitely enough there for me to run something, as long as the party is mostly humans...

I bet nobody had this on their 2020 bingo cards (CW mentions death)

The interface is just a little bit too far the side of clunky right now, but I love how Talespire is coming along. Bashed out a pretty serviceable inn/tavern today for a future Warhammer Fantasy RPG. Need to add some more lights, flesh out the village beyond the inn, but yeah, I can see this working out pretty well.

Glinner's life falling apart lol 

So I see Gl*nner's wife has changed back to her maiden name on her social media

I made Tigger King and I think it's the worst thing I've made since I put the goatse hands on the London Eye ferris wheel

They're coming back! 😍😍😍
The planet is HEALING 🌈🌿🌲💖

US pol, elon musk, general lunacy 

I have seen some dumb fucking takes on the absolute shit show that is US election politics, but this one is simply <chef kiss>

Excuse me everyone sorry but Duilleog sat on my boot to gnaw the bark off her stick so i guess I'll just have to stand here until she's done

Really enjoying my new LinkedIn profile's direction, I'm not going to lie.

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