Shitpost, Matt Hancock stung by scorpion 

Reading british news like


people bought these for their children in the 90s and act surprised that we turned out Like That

poppy discourse and, uh, goatse 

It's that time again!

That was a lot of effort for a 20-second video to mock up a serious documentary on the historical importance of dril. But a good idea is a good idea. (video in replies)

Space Haven might be in early access but I'm charmed by it already. It's like Rimworld and FTL had a baby and the visual style has a gorgeous clean retro vibe to it. Here's my lopsided haphazard starship after 100 days of salvaging derelicts, scrounging water off traders and trying balance the mass/engine ratio to avoid smearing the ship across several parsecs when it jumps

What's wrong babe you've barely touched your Ruth Bader Ginsburg door wedge

The mythic Britain and Ireland map from vaesen is a lot bigger than I'd expected. If only I had somewhere to put it...

I cannot explain just how excited I am to see an updated, expanded Stanley Parable. Possibly one of the best videogames ever made, with achievements to match:

Ready to begin running Death on the Reik tomorrow. Gonna spring this one on the players once they get their own river barge :thinkergunsunglasses:

My brother is attempting (succeeding) to entice me over to Hastings for next year's Mayday celebrations

reference to goatse, UK political shit 

I wouldn't have made this if the UK didn't keep showing its disturbing unhealthy fetish for wars it was in

Messing around with a fractal terrain editor I got in a Humble Bundle, it's not bad what you can do after a day of messing about.

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