My government's spokesperson for the Arts was complaining about this band last night, and that's why I have a new favourite band

Not a bad song on their YT list, honestly, it's pretty punky angry music about Society, so no wonder the arts guy from the political party founded by fascists doesn't understand/like it 👀​

@Sarklor thanks so much, this is seriously great stuff. What was the whinge? Excellent advertising.


@froodie He changed his tune fairly sharpish. I think a higher-up had an unkind word or two about the party's image...

@Sarklor I mean, I'm glad he did, but what a nob. Still, new (to me) music so yay!

@froodie Right? It's *exactly* the sort of angry punk shit I need right now, no wonder a blueshirt doesn't like it tbh. Their other songs are equal bangers.

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