Virtual tabletops have kept me sane for the last two and bit years. Not being able to play in person with people has been harder on me than I thought it would be, but Foundry and Roll20 have been pretty much literal life savers. Foundry moreso, I find it just perfect for my needs more than others.


A particularly big shoutout must go to the Cubicle 7 modules on Foundry. They used to be "unofficial" but they decided that they were so good they just hired the guy responsible to make them official.
They take care of *so much* book keeping for you it's unreal. Keeps track of Talents, XP spent, character and career advances, even automates a load of the spells that have more mechanics to them than damage. It's truly a joy to run.

Any issues that do come up are usually because the modding community are mostly developing for DnD. Can't blame them, it's the most popular game, and making their mods system agnostic is a *lot* of effort for people not getting paid for it.

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