I was thinking of reading up on some astrophysics to flesh out my little Arks/magic is just solving multidimensional equations in realtime setting and happened across galactic filaments when I was having a look at dark matter/dark energy and if this isn't the most awe-inspiring shit I've ever read

@Sarklor The vastness of the cosmos can be enumerated but not apprehended

@wraidd I love the idea of dark matter as an outside force shaping regular matter but trying not to "contaminate" it, like pruning shears on a cosmic scale

@Sarklor That's an interesting visual.

Not sure I believe in dark matter tbh, but that's my own wild theory

@wraidd It does sound implausible, I agree, but a fascinating idea to play with.

@Sarklor consider that the only observed effect of "dark matter" is gravitation, i.e. space-time curvature. It seems to me it's simpler to postulate that space-time is just naturally curved, like the rubber sheet is just wrinkly. We see large-scale structures organizing along these natural curves, like would happen if you poured out a bunch of BBs on the wrinkled sheet.

An astrophysicist buddy of mine said there isn't anything yet disproving that idea, but "dark matter is a robust theory"

@wraidd Ooh, I like that. Certainly less complicated than "there's this stuff we can't see or measure in any way that makes our mathematics make sense". Going from what little history of physics I've read, the real answer will probably turn out to be be something messy that makes nobody happy because it makes everything more complicated. :D

@Sarklor Ah, but physicists *like it* when things get more complicated. It means they get to keep working instead of finding, y'know, real jobs

@Sarklor I do love the notion that magic is just solving cosmic equations in real-time, doing finger chalkboards and mumbling calculations in irrational bases

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