Me: "Stealth roll? I'll use magic for an automatic success."
GM: "You still have to roll 1 magic die for it"
Me: [rolls a fumble]
GM: "Ooh a mishap, roll a D66!"
Me: [rolls 66]
Magic Mishap Table: "Your magic rips open a rift to another dimension, and a demon pulls you over to the other side. Time to make a new character. Your old character will come back as an NPC after D66 days but will be...changed."





GM: " can you describe to the party how you accidentally sneak STRAIGHT INTO HELL and get trapped there for [rolls dice] 66 days?"


The GM called it for the day, because now he has to re-write a large chunk of the Raven's Purge campaign to allow for the fact that the guy carrying the first of the Stones of Stanengist straight up disappeared into Hell for two months of game time and became an NPC adversary.

The Adventuring Party of Theseus has ONE member left who was there from the start. This fuckin' game! I love it

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