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I'd been either too depressed or too busy to notice or crow about it, but there's a second WFRP book out that I got to write for. The Careers in Appendix I are all mine! Quite pleased with the halfling Badger Rider if I do say so myself.

The rest of the book is also really good, packed with lore, cool weapons like specialised dwarf/elf firearms, and generally just expands on the Empire a whole load.

So yeah, I'm a bit pleased with that.

The Halfling Badger rider is evocative, for sure. Stuff of nightmares a cavalry line decending on you.

@miyagiyoda They've been getting enough questions about it that Cubicle 7 asked me to do a blog some time on the badger stats. I am actually *giddy* about expanding on the badger rider :D

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