If Vivaldi's Four Seasons is so good why isn't there a Fifth Season?

Instead of watching Predator, Alien and Aliens again I watched some reaction videos instead. It's shorter, and there's something about seeing kids discovering the classics and jumping in fright just like you did 30 or so years ago that simply re-watching the film doesn't provide.
Man I adore those films. They're just so *good* at hitting the notes I like to hear in scifi movies.

It sure says something about the state of the world that I watched Fury Road again to cheer up.

God but what a good fuckin' film tho

the correct way to peel a banana

Currently reading: The Communist Manifesto (AmazonClassics Edition)

I've been reading Gun&Slinger and I like what I see. 2 players and GM would really suit online play, and the card mechanics seem nice and simple and unobtrusive. I like the very broad strokes of the game setting, it's almost a carte blanche to do what you like, although that does involve more GM prep work.

I don't know when the next TTRPG project I worked on will be announced, but it *should* be within the next 2 months I think. I'm quite excited.

Important consideration when designing a project:

Sure, it's illegible...but is it illegible enough?

could anyone buy me lunch? im am actually starving right now.
My links:

Paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Because the universe hates me and doesn't want me to have nice things the only TV repair service I can find is on the other side of the country.
At least I got to run another session of my Coriolis campaign, it was almost a month on hiatus.

"Cryptocurrency is one of the worst inventions of the 21st century. [...] It has failed to be a useful currency, invented a new class of internet abuse, further enriched the rich, wasted staggering amounts of electricity, hastened climate change, ruined hundreds of otherwise promising projects, provided a climate for hundreds of scams to flourish, created shortages and price hikes for consumer hardware, and injected perverse incentives into technology everywhere. Fuck cryptocurrency."

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The joys of searching for a local TV repair shop that's still open in the hopes they can fix or replace the screen most of my life depends on. I just want to be able to play Valheim again :(

abusive parents, looking for a place to stay [semipublic repost] 

Hey, so, um...

our parents Have Decreed that we Are going to come stay with them for the summer.

I... given how hard Christmas was, I don't think we could handle an /entire summer/...

do any of y'all maybe have room to take us in? because we can't exactly stay here if they're not paying the rent/food.

burning this bridge is a Big Thing and I'm kinda scared but like... yeeeeah. mh-wise... going with them would Not be good.

I couldn't speculate as to why I seem to see people type "women" when they intended "woman" more often on social media than men/man, but it's fun to imagine it's because women are absolutely crammed to the gills with vengeful spirits, like a woman could say "My nAmE iS LeGiOn" in ancient Sumerian at any moment

Did I just email the president of Ireland because he's the only political motherfucker in the country that has obviously read books that weren't just written by Ayn fucking Rand?

I think I did.

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