Shameless self promotion. But then, what isn’t? 

We’ve got three volumes of The Life of Sharks for sale. We have them printed ourselves and I post them out from my dining room table. We don’t have a publisher. We used to have a big literary agent in London who pitched us to a load of publishers and they said we didn’t have enough followers on Twitter. Also someone at Random House asked us to change the comics to either Llamas or Unicorns. We didn’t.

Shit like this was going down *thousands of times a day on Jack's twitter*. And then I see a bunch of cis white dudes being all "oh Elon let [name] back on, that's it, I'm out".

And it's like... The constant harassment and stalking of marginalized people was ok with you though? Because that's what it sounds like. "I can deal with all that, but not THIS"

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Still remains fascinating to me to watch discussions happening around Twitter. People remain focused on big names like Andrew Anglin and act like letting him return is a uniquely evil act. Meanwhile I and hundreds if not thousands of other marginalized people couldn't get Jack's twitter to take action on no-name Nazis stalking and harassing us but that was OK with everyone I guess?

Here's the Minister of the Dept in 2018 denying the Dept 'collected' biometric data.

That's gone now, to be replaced by a denial of 'tracking' biometric data.

All intended to avoid the admission of *processing*, which is the relevant legal test.

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Since I see #checktheregister is trending as the registration process has changed, a random reminder to tell the #NUI graduate in your life to register for their Seanad vote.

Friends don't let friends stand idly by while Ronan Mullen sits in the Senate in their name.

So you can deform the resources in Icarus, but not the environment. This allows for hidden cave entrances behind a wall of stone you can dig through. The texturing was so good I'd never have found it if I hadn't gotten close enough for the mining icon to pop up. Well played, devs.

My husband's birthday is December 8th! 🎂
I need monies so I can treat him to a good time since we've been in a bad situation for... A good while now. :lies_down:
I have cheap commissions and some artworks for sale or donations. Thank you! :da_la:



YouTube is awful in so many ways. On the other hand, if you use it, and you love straight-ahead Jazz as played by people under the age of 100, you could do worse than to subscribe and donate to Chris' Jazz Cafe.

(Not a paid endorsement. Though I was in Philly many times back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.)

#jazz #Philadelphia #Philly

Also the devs seem really committed to making up for the bad launch, like the No Man's Sky team did. I respect the honesty and effort to atone.

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I've been playing Icarus First Cohort lately, having a survival craft itch that needed scratching.

Apparently its launch a year or so back was hot garbage, but what I've been playing is pretty solid. I REALLY like the session/mission based open world format, gives you solid goals. And the hostile weather is great. Flash storms, forest fires, hypothermia and winds that will blow your flimsy ass house down. I like it.

A quick reminder regarding the fediblock tag, we know a lot of the nasties are also creeping on that tag looking for people to bother. If you ever feel unsafe posting a fediblock toot let me know in a DM along with receipts and I'll do it on your behalf so you're not exposed to them in order for that information to still make it out there to help others.
I'm one of the least visibly marginalised people in the room here so it's a way to show support and take some of the pressure off x

I had a dream I remember parts of last night, which is rare enough. But all I remember is having to eat little oranges, which in the dream were like pomegranites, which made eating an orange a huge fucking waste of everyone's time.

I wonder what it means

@Sarklor I mentioned fisting pikachu in a meta post once and that took off too.
Gotta toot some substance if you want it to go anywhere, u know

I saw someone on twitter earlier complaining you can't get 'reach' on here.
Clearly you are just not posting enough duck butts.

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Muskrat had reinstated 62,000 suspended accounts on the hellsite. The fact that glinner isn't among them and remains suspended is hilarious.

Glinner is absolutely desperate to get back on Twitter, he tried to start his own version, weigh failed and half of his substack is him cosplaying being on Twitter.

This will be driving the turd whistle absolutely apoplectic.

eugen, politics of open source 

the fucking Fortune article on Eugen is going to make me go feral I s2g

on the one hand, website boy absolutely does not deserve more press. shut up.

but also a bunch of people are using this as an opportunity to talk about how "open source never learns from it's mistakes" and "when will people abandon the bdfl model" and "why aren't projects working to diversify their contributor bases" like

what do you think people are trying to do oh my gods, you cannot criticize a community for not doing things that people in that community ARE DOING. if you don't like Eugen why don't you give some press time to people like Claire and tobi instead of talking about how Eugen proves that fedi is evil

politics of fedi criticism 

ultimately my goals for fedi, and those of lots of others who actually use this space, don't align with Eugen's, but we are consistently criticized and judged based on what he says, and that's really fucking frustrating

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There's a server for gay thirst called Mastobate and I'm just so impressed by the name 😂

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