[JK Rowling's head emerges slowly from my cereal bowl]

Me: "What the f-"

Rowling: "Snape liked getting pegged"

🎵 Hey now you're an all-star
No flesh, only star 🎵

the wildest thing about any new JKR revelations is that she is clearly the beating heart of this bizarre fandom and also the person who wrote the thing that the fandom is about. it's a batshit ouroboros. call's coming from inside the house & it says that dobby's gay with kreacher

Egg Boy thwapped an egg across the head of a racist Australian senator. Be like Egg Boy.

Democracy is flawed, it will serve and represent 51% of the population who will be made happy only some of the time, Hive Minds on the other hand keep 100% of people in the loop, looked after, and happy. Just saying.

Now that I have no convention obligations, I might try starting up my Demon Lord play by post again. Half the players had just uncovered a plot to do hate crimes by firebombing a nonhuman pub, while the other half were in said pub and the goblin player was winning the farting contest...

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Much as I enjoyed Itzacon, it feels bloody FANTASTIC to not have any writing obligations and a day or two to sleep in.

Itzacon was a blast. EDRPG is a shockingly good system. Creative players are wonderful and terrifying in equal measure. Hugs are great. I am exhausted.

when you get tired of playing games on your nintendo console that's called ennuwii

Aside from my games going down well, this convention almost felt like coming home. It's been a long, long time since I felt something like that. It helped I guess that some nice people gave me cuddles. Affectionate human contact has been thin on the ground since I had to move last summer.

The Elite: Dangerous RPG is surprisingly robust. Straightforward, fast, and pretty damn brutal. I approve.

scribbling notes frantically for a game I promised to run Friday but just couldn't write in a format other humans could read. A curse on writer's block, and distracting back pain, and this goddamn funk I've been in since I had to give up my city apartment and come home to bog land and cow shit and bad coffee.

Today I will mostly be horribly depressed because I'm 37 in a few days and lost all sense of direction and purpose in my life after The System fucked me over. At least there was cake.

That's a lot of bad jokes crammed into one 3 hour RPG scenario. I regret nothing.

me: let that sink in

you: what

sink: [continues banging on the door]

me: please

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