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Honestly the Hbomberguy Donkey Kong stream is the purest most wholesome thing we all needed to see at the start of 2019. I urge you to have a look, it's just a good space of lovely people giving money to a great cause and occasionally calling Graham Linehan a bad toilet garbage man.

Well "Glinner pissing the world off so much that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez popped in to a trans youth charity fundraising stream and say she loves Pokémon Snap" is really the plot twist we all needed 2019 to spring on us

This has been a rollercoaster, they've had Chelsea Manning, Jim Sterling, Miracle of Sound, Contra, and so many more guests in and when it's not hilariously dunking on Gl*nner it's a fascinating rambling podcast that goes from "which video game skeleton would you bang?" to "It's praxis time, baby!"
Last I saw was that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fully aware of having been invited. This is the 2019 I want to see tbh

Amazing stuff, over $50k raised for trans youth support group in 24hrs purely because Gl*nner tried to get them shut down.

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On the plus side I found out that there are a whole load of supplements for Elite: Dangerous out and bought them all. So now I can add in Thargoids and rogue AIs and other crazy stuff to terrify my players!

Been fighting a throat/cough/cold thing all day, haven't been able to shift it. This is not ideal considering I was invited to multiple birthday parties tomorrow.

Doing that 10 year challenge with a pic run through google's Deep Dream so Facebook will think humans grow 5 new eyeballs every decade. Fuck you, capitalism.

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Adventurer: Behold, I have slain the Mighty Dragon and claimed its vast treasure for you good people

Villager: Idiot. You've destroyed the economy is what you've done.

Adventurer: what

Villager: inflation on my crops is gonna be a nightmare. Fuck you.

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A town building game only it's about the ridiculous economy you'd need to stock a shop with the thousands of bullshit magical items an adventuring party buys between dungeons. It's more than enough clout to defeat the Big Bad but nobody even considers it.

Pop Tarts are really bad for your personal health.
More like... COP Tarts.

It'll be fine for a convention one-off or short campaign, anyway. Beyond that, I'm not sure how the fairly simple system would handle power creep.

A handy thing about the Elite: Dangerous RPG is that the video game's Galaxy and System maps provide both locations and handouts. Found an independent system perfect for a game about using black ops to keep the Empire and Federation from bringing a war to a peaceful unaligned system.

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