Spending a month minding a house alone in the UK was a much better idea when I thought the broadband connection was capable of online games...

Picked up the Infinity RPG on a whim today. Looks nice, has some interesting lore. I'm new to the modiphius 2d20 system, so we'll see how it goes.

God's bless those heroes collecting all the dead queen memes this week, I would never have discovered half of them there are just so many

What's wrong babe you've barely touched your Ruth Bader Ginsburg door wedge

Paid work more or less concluded. Xan now spare time to discuss making a small indie game with friends

House of the Dragon was... well, it is a show that people can watch. Good actors but that won't save it from being forgotten as quickly as GoT. Still cramming in shameless unnecessary tits and gore. Meh.

I just had the worst coffee of my life in Dublin Airport. I can't even be annoyed; it was so dreadful that I was genuinely impressed.

The mythic Britain and Ireland map from vaesen is a lot bigger than I'd expected. If only I had somewhere to put it...

URGENT help a trans girl keep the lights (pls boost) 

I need to pay 254 dollars by the 18th to make sure the lights stay on. I really can't survive without power rn and starting work again without it is going to be an uphill battle,, if you can help at all I'd really appreciate it, even just boosting this toot helps!!

paypal: tgrehawi@gmail.com
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#mutualaidrequest #mutualaid #transcrowdfund

I'm not sure when is the best moment to promote a trpg in English, so let's try one last time.

RT @JanVanHouten@twitter.com

You are two, you have half an hour, you hesitate to turn on your console to play a fighting game. No need here is "Bagarre Z", a one page #TTRPG made to FIGHT. You don't even need dice, you just need tokens, a pen and hands with fingers.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JanVanHouten/statu

A new d100-based RPG for Warhammer 40k focused on low powered humans? Well that's a surprise.

Setting up for the final sessions of Death on the Reik, decided to get a load of church organ music for the fight with the possessed organ. Magic Roundabout theme, Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme, Stayin' Alive, and Megalovania will make my players hate me but it was too good not to.

I have one sock that's shorter than the others 


I just remembered my Peig Sayers: Vampire Hunter project from before the pandemic, man I should revisit that Peig was gonna have *opinions* on Bram Stoker

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