I ran Free League's Alien sample scenario in the back of the book tonight. The final days of Hadley's Hope as a few colonists try to escape.
It went really well! The system is really simple, the increasing stress makes you better at rolls but also more prone to Bad Panic Things so they are far more careful about choosing to roll for something. Combat is also easy, but very brutal. But for some terrible luck on the Aliens there'd have been 3 dead, easy. Must try a campaign soon.

Picked up an RPG called Black Void today. Looked interesting. Certainly the artwork is phenomenal. Setting seems a bit like "What if Planescape: Torment but Babylonian and extra af?"
Further reading required but should at least make good inspiration fodder for other games.

Derry Girls has restored my faith in television tbh. I used to visit Derry a lot as a kid, the nostalgia is real. Which is odd considering the whole armed British occupation thing, but man, that's a good fucking show.

The Fria Ligen Alien RPG looks superb, and the mechanics seem solid and straightforward on reading. I get to run one of the sample games for some old friends on Friday week, I'll know for sure then.

It occurs, given the massive power imbalances between players and Xenomorphs, that the system could be altered slightly to suit a game about, say, a group of Grineer soldiers hunting down a single Warframe. I shall experiment further...

Finally have peace, a nice warm room, and sweet af background music, and...

Writer's block 🙃​

Tesla Truck, Halo 

The Lost Libraries of Backstory that DMs Wrote, but Players Missed

Everyone wants to be steampunk until it's time to shovel coal into the furnace 18 hours a day to make the blimp go anywhere

I hope the Phoenix Point devs don't get fully bitten in the ass with their Epic Store exclusive thing, cos from what I've played of the latest backer build it's as good as any of the X-COM reboot games.

🎶It ain't my fault that my landlord's head is loose
Gotta blame it on the noose
Gotta blame it on my noose, baby🎶

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

lmao my comment linking to where gitlab changed their company policy to handwave away working with neonazis got deleted as "defamatory speech"

fuck this shitty corporation

Did I make a Patron-only dramatic reading of Maniac 2000 by Mark McCabe?

Yes. Yes I did.

Will I apologise? Absolutely not. If you supported me you knew what you were getting yourself into.

re: Shitpost, photoshop, geese 

Shitpost, photoshop, geese 

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