Came across Eldritch Foundry the other day, was suitably impressed by the model creation tool to buy one (just the STL file) and now I'm working on importing it into Tabletop Simulator. There's over 1.5 million vertices in the original, that number will have to come down a LOT. Mostly the face, there's a load of options to make them smile/angry, jaw open or twisted to one side etc. But this is a pretty cool idea and I approve.

Considering another Alien game for Gaelcon. I have a mighty urge to do a sort of sequel to Destroyer of Worlds, partly because the artwork and end conditions of the game are excellent sequel fodder but also partly because I'm lazy and I already have most of the assets ready in Roll20

It's technically a small, even petty thing, but I just noticed in the Dune trailer that they used the word "crusade" instead of "jihad", and I think that's very interesting and obvious for simply being so small and unnecessary to change, and very telling of WB's opinion of US audiences and middle-east both. 👀​

firefighters should be paid a million dollars a year plus union benefits and in the off season be employed to burn down billionaire's ugly mansions

KGB in #Belarus has abducted Maria Kolesnikova (she's an opposition leader) and planned to leave her over the Ukrainian border.

When she got in the car and saw her passport, she tore it to pieces and threw them out the window. Thus, they couldn't "export" her out.


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What a wonderful world we live in where Lemmy, THE Lemmy, the quite literal god of rock and roll Lemmy, once screamed "C'MON SPONGIE!" before an absolutely *filthy* blues guitar solo kicks your teeth in. Yes, what a wonderful world.

My friend Casey is starting day 3 of a charity stream in aid of LGBTQ support services in her home town, it'd be awesome if you popped in and maybe if you could spare it threw a little money towards a really good cause!

My ability to talk is coming back pretty quickly, that's nice. It means I'll be able to run games again soon :D

For some reason people stopped talking about autonomous zones after the CHAZ was shut down, so most people don’t realize that both George Floyd Square in Minneapolis and the James Talib-Dean Memorial Encampment in Philadelphia are still autonomous 3 months later

They’re also both facing regular threats of invasion and could really use visibility and support. The cops are expecting to be able to clear these places out without anyone else noticing

I miss my beard, but the surgery worked. I feel like I was in a car crash, my neck and shoulders are in bits, but that's new pain, and it'll fade. The old pain I came in with is gone, and so even now I feel better than I was.

not to be like a commie on main or whatever, and i certainly know there are practicality issues with this but like also.... imagine a world where you just got given a stock income to create art?? like art and it's creation are absolutely essential things for humans and i dunno just. feels like it should be something like mail or growing food where we just pay ppl to do it as best as we are able, and then offer it to the general public for as little cost as we are able

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Had to shave my beard off for Tuesday's neck surgery and there's an unpleasant draft across my chin every time I breathe out through my nose :(

Want to run an online RPG to stream, but I've got pretty big neck surgery on Tuesday so... I guess I'll just sit here and stare at the screen.

🍂 i am the deity of autumn and these are my leaves 🍂

IDK how many of you have actually folloed whats going on in Bolivia, but let me tell you, it's hella scary:

1. The election has been postponed 4 times now. Probably because the MAS (Movement Towards Socialism, Evo's party) is leading the polls.

GMing for Cubicle 7 at the UK Games Expo was nice. They're friendly and supportive, and they supply consent forms so players can tick a list of topics that might arise with "sure, bring it on/Ok, as long as it's done tastefully or fade to black style/not comfortbale with this please avoid".Very handy when GMing for a group of complete strangers. Respect for player boundaries makes for everyone just having more fun.

every generation deserves at least 5 movies named "The New Batman"

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