I have my feed reader going to my read it later app to save highlights into readwise that export into obsidian saved on google drive for it all to eventually be yet another bin of info that I refuse to acknowledge

I’m glad to see people talking about the threat of entities trying to re-centralize the fediverse through server land grabs or corporate hosting.

I would add that also applies to instances like Project Mushroom.

Hey fun fact, planning a session zero with a campaign that blew up to 8 isn't great!

I'm not running a full campaign of with 8 a session, that's madness. well I guess except for that one I did, which was madness. Hoping to do a living city/westmarches (west sewers?) thing with the TMNT retroclone ish game Mutants in the Now. It's a lot of system.

, ,

I'm starting a Mutants in the Now open game, and I'm quickly realizing I should like... actually build the damn city and world. Also have adventures and stuff in it.
Also woo the anxiety of realizing you're doing that stuff again

Meta, racism, anti-black garbage 

it's always the same playbook:

deny the racism

pester people for evidence of the racism

Look at the evidence and deny that it is racist

accuse people presenting the evidence of stalking, block evasion and harassment

engage in whataboutism

bonus point: weaponize your own identity

deflect the attention

start another discourse

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People in Texas, USA, are you able to access this page? defendkidstx.com

People in any USA state except Texas, are you able to access this page? defendkidstx.com

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@anna I was previously following you on cybre.space, though I cannot recall if there was a precise event attached, or if you seemed cool

You know one thing I will say about CW’s is demanding a group of people being murdered to CW their topics like you are owed that is privilege. You’re privileged enough to be able to ignore violence. Think about that.

In many places, we haven’t solved safety problems. Try being trans in Texas or Oklahoma.

Oppressors don’t care if we CW our posts or not. Plugging your ears doesn’t solve anything.

If you stay neutral during this time, you’ve taken the side of the oppressor.

TDOR 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 

We should all be happy.
We should all be whole.
We should all be safe.
We should all be alive.

We aren't, we aren't, we aren't, and we aren't. And we aren't going to forget.

Every person, every joy, every hope, every possibility that's been taken. Everything responsible for taking them. Everything still worth fighting for, tooth and nail.

Keep remembering. Keep going, whatever that means to you. One foot in front of the other. When all else fails, just stay alive.



If you've got a twitter account with a large custom cultivated terf ban list, Debirdify will output accounts that youve banned who have stated their mastodon user address and it all gets sectioned by instance. Does require a lil detective work to confirm each person thats the reason they're banned but suprisingly effective.

The process only requires sharing app access to twitter not to masto.

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