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You know one thing I will say about CW’s is demanding a group of people being murdered to CW their topics like you are owed that is privilege. You’re privileged enough to be able to ignore violence. Think about that.

In many places, we haven’t solved safety problems. Try being trans in Texas or Oklahoma.

Oppressors don’t care if we CW our posts or not. Plugging your ears doesn’t solve anything.

If you stay neutral during this time, you’ve taken the side of the oppressor.

TDOR 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 

We should all be happy.
We should all be whole.
We should all be safe.
We should all be alive.

We aren't, we aren't, we aren't, and we aren't. And we aren't going to forget.

Every person, every joy, every hope, every possibility that's been taken. Everything responsible for taking them. Everything still worth fighting for, tooth and nail.

Keep remembering. Keep going, whatever that means to you. One foot in front of the other. When all else fails, just stay alive.



If you've got a twitter account with a large custom cultivated terf ban list, Debirdify will output accounts that youve banned who have stated their mastodon user address and it all gets sectioned by instance. Does require a lil detective work to confirm each person thats the reason they're banned but suprisingly effective.

The process only requires sharing app access to twitter not to masto.

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Trans exclusionary rad feminist account:
LissaKEvans AT mastodon sdf org

Have you ever drawn a suitcase please boost for visibility

Folks, this may sound a bit precious, but try using #Twexiter instead of #TwitterRefugee if you think about it. The reason why (which I learned barely a week ago) is that there are actual communities of refugees on the Fediverse and we want to be good neighbors.

Just a suggestion, not a gatekeep.

Fediblock, journalism, update 

:blobdisapproval: Extremely unimpressed that I was quoted without my knowledge or consent, ABOUT being quoted without knowledge or consent, in the recent CJR piece about the backlash to I'm not sure if it would be better or worse if the author had added an actual link to my post.

The author also links to a Kiwifarms-associated scraper tool used to see which instances a given instance is blocked by. (The same one the qoto guy used to mass-email a bunch of admins asking to be unblocked.) Classy!

P. S. Matthew, my website is in my bio. My contact information is there. As are links to the actual local journalism I've done over the years. The call is coming from inside the house Matthew. Okay that's all.

#FediBlock 🐘

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Just a PSA.

Mastodon v4 goes online on Monday.

Many server/instance admins will be updating.

I've ran through the process with the latest RC yesterday on my testbed and it all went well, but, like any update these things are prone to hiccups.

Keep that in mind if your server seems to go offline briefly, the admins will be trying their best

Mutants in the Now session over. It seems like a fun system.
I knew it was fiddly going in, and there is. If you like it, it's helpful, interesting, and just friggin weird as a compliment.

Overall recommend

Racism on Mastodon 

@timnitGebru I've created to start collecting data, and to post updates and, eventually, instructions on how to automatically share curated blocks via crypto signatures and a cronjob.

Racism on Mastodon 

Whats our plan for racists on the fediverse? I was just excited by seeing #BlackMastodon yesterday and today I see people I was happy to see on here have already faced harassment.

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