Since November, we got a lot new people supporting us, yet we also steadily lost 3-4 a month(change in situation, people moved instances, etc.)

If you have have the means to help, please contribute (links bellow)

It helps covering the cost of the server, but more importantly it helps a real human (in the mod team) with their bill and overall financial situation.

re: funding 

So far we only had to deal with 400 ish reports, mostly because we have actively (and proactivelly) blocked the worse the internet has to offer.

We also block badly moderated instances.
The constant, extra workload coming from places that do not care for their users micro aggression, do not understand the discourse around transphobia, and rest of the usual BS, is exhausting.

Showing support, including financial one, does help to let us know it is not done for nothing

re: funding 


Donation inbound. Link please.


re: funding 


Stet -- found it.

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