In my Bio I mentioned painting as a hobby- to iterate on that, I do some miniature painting! Below I have a diorama I made out of all the minis I've painted so far. Everything except the barbarian in the center was done by me, and the floors and walls were all 3d Printed!

@RocjawCypher woah, I somehow missed these! This is super snazzy! Did you model the floors & walls too, or just order them? They look really sweet

@daisy_todd I recently saved up and purchased a 3d printer, and thingiverse has an incredible variety of opensource tabletop resources that you can download for free! The elements are based on the openforge system and can be assembled with little clips or you can add magnets to make them snap together super easy.

@RocjawCypher oh wow! I knew about thingiverse, I just didn't even think of getting resources for gaming from there.
saving up for a 3d printer is looking really appealing now (but also college and I have nowhere to put one)

@daisy_todd Yeah, you could probably make it work with the one I've got- the Geetech E180 is about a foot square and $250, but unfortunately some studies have shown that 3d printers really need to be well ventilated and not have you spend a lot of time in close proximity while they work. Melting plastic fumes and whatnot. College dorms have neither fresh air nor space so not great for that...

@RocjawCypher Oooh, well, after college I might end up getting one since I'll be learning to 3D model anyway in school. I wouldn't want to plague my grandparents with a super noisy and heavy 3D printer since I'm staying with them for college, though they'd insist they were ok with it. (Also bookmarking for the name of the printer)

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