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global warming call to action 

For pride month, a reminder that all our progress would be for nothing if humanity goes extinct.

The LGBTQIA+ community can absolutely lead the charge for powerful action. Feel free to print these out or send them to others.

I'm bi btw

wasp sting mention 

Balancing my respect for wasps as a vital part of the ecosystem with my extreme discomfort in their presence because one stung me INSIDE my nose when I was 10.

Unprovoked, btw. I didn't even know it was there until it was too late.

My cat clawed my eyelid yesterday. Fortunately she did not get my actual eye. It's still a bit swollen today but otherwise not painful...

...but I still want to wear an eyepatch even if it's very inconvenient to not have depth perception...

Hey everyone...if you run your tabletop sessions online, what do you use? Roll20? Some other thing? I run a drop-in campaign but it might be nice to be able to have people play remotely.

We finished Curse of Strahd! So here's Monarda Winter at the end of the campaign.

Hi-res and Lore™ on my Patreon:

Everyone wish me luck and pray for my characters, we're going to crash Strahd's wedding this weekend.

I'm SO nervous but also very excited...I really hope we don't all die!

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