Follow @InvaderXan We're going to be installing a poly tunnel at some point, but it might turn into more of a hybrid green house. Glass is infinitely recyclable but plastic isn't. We were going to be looking at manure for heat (how they heated green houses about 200 years ago). But happy to see more places are looking at alternatives!

@Rae @nerdsorrow I've seen a way to construct solar greenhouse heaters using empty cans, black paint, and some old piping. Basically, you make a little solar panel, like those old style ones which heated people's water. Except instead of water, you're heating air and piping it into the greenhouse.

Needs sunlight, of course. I wonder how well it works...

@InvaderXan Sounds like a very basic heat exchanger. They're trying to move people off oil and gas and on to heat exchanges here in Ireland.

@Rae @nerdsorrow Pretty much, yeah. Seems like a useful thing to do. Use heat which is already there instead of generating more.

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