So we can log in and reserve our names on WOW Classic tonight. I don't know if I have quite made up my mind about playing the game any more. Unless someone wants to fund upgrading my internet connection so I no longer have the lag on satellite. That'd be awesome. Sometimes I miss raiding.

All those posts in r/battlestations are lies. If cleanliness is next to godliness I have just had my Heathen Loyalty Card stamped again.

Went outside. Feel bad I don't do this often considering what I have on my doorstep here in

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LFG! wants to set up a game (D&D/Zweihander) and only has me for a player. Anyone else want to join/interested? @host

Hey! 34 y/o, only one campaign at the moment with a hybrid of and . Rural Ireland with shite internet (satellite like they have on ships). Really miss playing online MMORPGs so if anyone out there has Bruce Wayne levels of money I'D LOVE if you could fund a broadband connection out to me!

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