Delta Green, Character Death, Gore mention, (I haven't posted in a while hI everyone!) 

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nsfw mention 

It's been a while Tabletop! I hope you are well and that your games are going great!

I just had the third session of my monthly Delta Green game, and one of the agents had an emotional breakdown so I think it went really well!

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the psychic PC (AKA @Quinn 's character) made a deal to let the evil cannibal spirit out of his head for an hour in his body "to have a taste" for information

I'm sure this won't end poorly

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also a fun thing I didn't expect: the undead sorcerer is basically piloting a crystal golem thanks to his possession spell + his ability to shift into a ghost meaning he can use greater possession.

so now they basically have a large psychic stone/gem mech that boosts the psychic PC's spells and is mostly magic immune.

Delta Green was great tonight. The session was more tying loose ends and inter character stuff, and I get nervous about sessions that are a hodge podge of stuff. But it worked out great.

And my NPC's did not burp continuously.

Every NPC just burping tonight I guess.

About to start my monthly DG game and I am sooooo fulllll of food lol

Man wanted to get some discord RP and some DG campaign prep done tonight, but my stomach is acting a fool. I have tomorrow night and saturday, but you know.

So we did end up getting a day for the next Delta Green game. I need to finish up notes about the last session and get ready for the next.

I also need to work on the playlist for the Pathfinder game I'm in.


re: Character stuff 

re: Character stuff 

Character stuff 

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there are two british blue cats in @Quinn 's Delta Green game owned by players, and neither of them are named after my Catfolk bard, who is based on one.

I've never been so personally offended in my life. Betrayed, even

Abruptly left the discord rp to take a poop.

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also @Quinn 's character called his npc brother (an asexual undead bloodline sorc.) "dry bones" and I nearly died on the spot

My poor boy. I say as @drolltergeist 's character suffered horrible emotional trauma this session.


I just realized I said "live tweeting" and not "live tooting" in my last toot, forgive me of my sins.

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