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DID YOU KNOW? Crunchy cheetos and cheetos puffs actually grow on the exact same plant! The puffs are simply kept on the vine for longer, giving the fruit time to ripen and mature

@seanmccoy Okay, I see. I was under the impression that Engineer was strictly under the Teamsters section. Thank you for clearing that up.

@seanmccoy Okay, let me try putting it this way; here's what you have on your About page for Teamsters: "Teamsters, the rough and tumble workers. More versatile at first level, Teamsters can be anything from engineers, to pilots, to asteroid miners." Which sounds like you're saying engineers are rough-and-tumble workers. An intriguing prospect...

@ELJ1 Double, double, toil and trouble, at the desktop with neck stubble...

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In launching a recruitment thread for a newbies-only game, it's remarkable how many folks tried it once a long time ago but haven't played since.

When you further consider how many of those people are not white men, I can't help think this speaks to some issues within the community.

@jskellogg Not sure how I feel about the "white men" comment, but I'll give this a boost! Always down for bringing new DnD players into the fold!

@nekobakaz Could be good motivation to keep her alive, if Tara's so important to the campaign going forward.

@norikawa 😏​ Wait another 10, 20 years for them to die off

@nekobakaz Hm... maybe their lives are tied to each other, perhaps? If they're twins, it might be a thing where one cannot exist without the other; if the PCs kill Tara, their friend Eli dies, too!

One time, during the Curse of Strahd campaign, my brother's character fell 1000 feet and somehow managed to survive. We had to put the whole campaign on hold just to find him again!

@nekobakaz Good luck with that. Having run a couple campaigns over the years, the players' first instincts are usually either to fight the enemy or seduce it. I recommend adding some plot thread that recommends the players leave the tiefling alive; maybe she knows some password or magical phrase, so killing her would make the PCs lives more inconvenient.

@nekobakaz You had me at "Homestuck Inspired." How're they gonna convince such a dangerous individual to give them their sword, or is violence the only option here?

@nekobakaz Yeah, I was just asking about the plot. Who's the big baddie?

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