Today's campaign building: worked a bit more on the Big Bad and FINALLY decided on a map

@Psychoboy this is my first time as DM; I’m not sure how to respond to that. Like, what system? I’m being ambitious and crossing Pathfinder and Starfinder
A crew is sucked through wormhole to alt universe, crash land on planet. Can’t leave until they fix their ship by getting particular crystals that’ll get them back through the wormhole. But that’s false. The crystals are for a spell needed in a combat between two goddesses (a la Moorcock). They do the spell right, they go home

@Psychoboy the plan is that they have a bunch of (Homestuck inspired) dungeons to fight through, granting them crystals for the final dungeon, a cipher to solve, and a scattering of important artifacts that are needed to fully complete the spell and end the conflict. One of the artifacts is in the hands of the big bad, a tiefling antipaladin. With possibly an insanity track , that they have to convince to give them her sword to complete the spell.


@nekobakaz You had me at "Homestuck Inspired." How're they gonna convince such a dangerous individual to give them their sword, or is violence the only option here?

@Psychoboy well, that’s what I’m trying to think of. The group that first is playing this before I release it online is a rock band...

I do have a fail-safe NPC; an aasimar merciful healer named Eli that also acts as representative of one goddess. But I do want the players to figure it out.
The goal is to turn the antipaladin, especially since the sequel campaign is her redemption arch, more or less.

@nekobakaz Good luck with that. Having run a couple campaigns over the years, the players' first instincts are usually either to fight the enemy or seduce it. I recommend adding some plot thread that recommends the players leave the tiefling alive; maybe she knows some password or magical phrase, so killing her would make the PCs lives more inconvenient.

@Psychoboy hmmmmm, that actually might work. I haven't written all the plot yet, but the plan is to have a couple of encounters with her, some in dungeons, some outside in non-combat encounters (like the first time they encounter her)
But the final spell is that they need the crystals, the artifacts, and both Eli and Tara (the antipaladin) to cast Consecrate and Desecrate at the same time.
I know I have it down that Tara calls Eli her "cousin" or "twin" all the time, cause world mythos

@nekobakaz Hm... maybe their lives are tied to each other, perhaps? If they're twins, it might be a thing where one cannot exist without the other; if the PCs kill Tara, their friend Eli dies, too!

@Psychoboy hmmmmm, that's an interesting concept to explore... I know I wrote down to myself that if Eli dies, the players lose.
So they would also lose if they kill Tara, especially if her life was linked to Eli.

@nekobakaz Could be good motivation to keep her alive, if Tara's so important to the campaign going forward.

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