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DID YOU KNOW? Crunchy cheetos and cheetos puffs actually grow on the exact same plant! The puffs are simply kept on the vine for longer, giving the fruit time to ripen and mature

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In launching a recruitment thread for a newbies-only game, it's remarkable how many folks tried it once a long time ago but haven't played since.

When you further consider how many of those people are not white men, I can't help think this speaks to some issues within the community.

One time, during the Curse of Strahd campaign, my brother's character fell 1000 feet and somehow managed to survive. We had to put the whole campaign on hold just to find him again!

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@artisticfennec I do this all the time. I keep a record of mine in case I need background characters for a story.

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There are so many revolutionary things happening these days that a lot of insanely important stuff isn't even deemed newsworthy. Like, I haven't seen anybody online except for IGD talking about the Indian general strike, the largest general strike in history (soon to be superseded by @EarthStrikeInt ), and that's enormous!!!!

The left is rising like a force of nature, carried by the tides of history. These movements are building and building, and before long the global bourgeoisie won't be able to put out fires as quickly as they're set. This is big, folks

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Internet Nazis: I was bullied in middle school so clearly I had no choice but to become a Nazi :( :( :(
Every queer and PoC kid: uhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, about that

I think I'm going to rescind my previous recommendation for @jskellogg 's new rpg. $15 for 25 pages is absolutely ridiculous, and knowing as I do now that this guy raised almost $7k to fund his project, I think he definitely could've put more into it. Get it on sale, like I did, or don't get it at all.

Just got be the new Journey Away rpg, courtesy of @jskellogg ! If anybody wants to give it a look, I personally recommend checking it out!

By the way, anybody else get the new Guilds of Ravnica book for Christmas? I am. SO STOKED! &D

Oh, I never made a post! Well then!

Hello again, everyone! Name's Psycho, in case you didn't already know! I most commonly play D&D, but I'm also versed in such classic RPGs as Traveller, Pathfinder, and that one Marvel RPG from the early 2000s! My favorite non-rpg tabletop games are Cards Against Humanity, Bang, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Settlers of Catan!

How about Traveller? Anyone play Traveller?

Hi there! Call me Psycho. I'm a college student and avid gamer! I especially love dnd and other rpgs!

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