@jacethechicken I do not remember how space combat worked in SWN.
SWN is already a weird fusion of B/X and Traveller (and of course it does have its own thing going on which is where it shines imo). I'm sure adding 5e bits will run alright. Good luck!
What from 5e are you adding, out of curiosity?

I've been reading Warlock! which is another game based on Fighting Fantasy (like Troika). I liked what I've read so far, except for use of the d20. Having a slight bell curve with 2d6 was very nice, and I I've enjoyed it from Traveller. I think I might be the only one in my group who'd feel that way though.
Reading through it I went and reread how AFF worked. It's made me wonder about making some kind of abominable hack.

I love this Troika background description

"The least popular magical practitioners, necromancers are shunned by the major centres of learning, left to their own devices on the edges of society, passing on knowledge in the time honoured master-student dynamic. This loneliness encourages students to make their own friends."

Just wanted to mention that I was taking another look at Legend RPG, the Generic Runequest that Mongoose put out. I'm considering doing a short mini campaign with it to try it out.

Which mapping software can draw a dais over several squares?

I've been looking at Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. I really like the classes and the fact that there aren't races, although that, along with some other setting details, makes it more difficult for me to ready adventures and dungeons for a typical hex crawl campaign. My standard routine of pilfering Dungeon Magazine and older modules means there'll be extra work to make the settings mutually intelligible/coherent.

Have an NPC say unprompted "haha, you can trust me, guys; I'm not a doppelganger" to the party.

My name is Zhang Dianli. I'm half-German, half-Chinese currently living in central China (where I have been for the past two decades).

I used to do a lot of tabletop RPGs beginning in 1978 with the *Dungeons & Dragons* "blue box", but the dearth of RPG gamers here has changed my focus to my second love: traditional card games.

I like to chat about card games, RPGs, board games … pretty much any game that's not fiddly wargames or video games, really.

Ah yes, the classic (cc @Rheall )#calligraphy #MastoArt

Give me some more silly book titles to do :D

My favorite thing to do whenever people talk about Warhammer 40K is to say something like "Oh, so it's just like Starcraft?"

Had two PCs die in my Traveller game in a boarding action. I think in the future I'll want to strictly use abstract rules for boarding rather than personal combat, or if we do the personal combat route, convince the players not bring only two people onto the station they're attacking.

I didn't know T5 was roll under. Reminds me a little of Troika. Sounds like it was a great session and a strong start for a campaign.
I've been intimidated by what I've heard of T5 as a very crunchy but maybe the crunchiness is a dial like you say, like it is in GURPS

I funded my lich phylactery and all it took was a mass blood sacrifice of 20 paladins.

Aeula - World Atlas

No landmarks yet, but im happy with how the topography is looking. I will be adding forested zones next.

#mastoart #cartography #fantasy #fantasymaps #art #digitalart #illustration

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