Resident Evil Troika?
Is it more likely than you'd think?

@nono That's very fair. Few games today outside of the OSR use them.

My friend and I are making plans to revamp a lighthouse into a wizard's tower and cast dancing lights to steer ships into the reefs.

I worry that my players might not be so interested in OSR D&D as they were before. Maybe LotFP turned them off of it.
Might have to post on LFG boards 😔

@Sandra I wanted to stick with using one program such as Hexographer or Text Mapper. However, the idea of just remaking the map by rotating it 90 degrees counter clockwise (either the random archipelago or the map I'd made previously) sounds promising. I know that's not quite what you're saying but it's something that bubbled up while I was reading so I'll credit you anyway.
I could also acclimate to the idea of just having 2 separate maps, even if at the same scale.

Thanks for the suggestions!

@Sandra I like the idea of that. Unfortunately I adapted this "County Anshuara" from something I generated in Hex Kit and converting it into True Columns strikes me as possibly too much of a head ache.
On the other hand, the only person it could possibly bother is me and it wouldn't be much to change it.

I've decided to run a Knave game supplemented by OSE but I can't decide whether to use the same sandbox that I'd used before but with some extended sea region (islands with dungeons), make a random archipelago map for an idea I have where the PCs are indentured adventurers for a sea captain (or mobster-type who employs one) who raid dungeons to pay off their debt. Replacement PCs are crew from the ship with similar debt.
On the other hand, I could just take a ready-made @hexdescribe sandbox.🤔

There, made a music.

Have some random rainy electro sounds :)

Session 0 town and character defining idea. Ask:
What is a problem in town that your character has noticed?
The referee then develops the problem with any extra player input further for it to play out and/or confront the party.

Hey everyone, I'm happy to have a place to share my board game/RPG musings! Please feel free to interact with me however, I'm just happy to be here and have a sense of community.

I'm super into right now cause I just got it, and I totally (unintentionally) cheated to barely surviving Scenario 1 in Gloomhaven.

I'm hoping to get my ideas on paper for things to make progress, hopefully this gives me a place to share and stay accountable!

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