Cool advice for referees in WEG Star Wars 1e. Most people already know about the advice but it's always nice to have some .
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One of the worlds, called Cahime, has as one of its distinguishing features that children are raised separately from the adults. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if this was randomly generated or if I just included on my own. Anyway, reading what I wrote about it I found pretty interesting:

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I worry that my players might not be so interested in OSR D&D as they were before. Maybe LotFP turned them off of it.
Might have to post on LFG boards 😔

Lately I've been using GIMP to make photos (like from into non-photo-looking tokens.
This is Tsar Boris III, the last royal of Bulgaria. I know that my players won't know who he is and he looks like he could be some planetary despot (or an official serving one) in a Traveller game.

Only recently have I discovered Armoria
Figuring it out has let me make weird things like this:

Browsing my notes for a dungeon I'd been working on a while ago and seeing what I features of a room I was supposed to fill in.

Important facts about the planet of Svetlograd: That's not water and the air will melt you. Yes, this is the capital planet of the interstellar union...

This is supposed to be a cold planet that requires arctic dress around the equator and an environment suit beyond there. The atmosphere is very thin tainted. The hydrosphere is only 4% (I've taken that to be maybe just the possible liquid areas, not the ice -- I've never been sure how to handle ice when making fractal maps for worlds).
tl;dr Is this too much ice?

I have finished making the Cepheus Light EPUB SRD. I'm caught on the cover, though. I have two that I'm considering. Black background with white courier new new font or white courier new font on the same cover art that was used in the original Cepheus Light. I'm sure that I can use it, because the art is public domain. However, something about using the same cover art rubs me the wrong way. idk.

The SVG is very powerful. Look at this ridiculously huge but tiny hex flower that I made for a scrapped Mausritter game from maybe 4-6 months ago.
I'm probably going to reuse this map, since I have it and that means that I won't have to bother with generating another map. I've lost any notes that I may have taken as to what any of the symbols on the map may have meant, but I don't mind coming up with some new stuff.

This is what I did. I split up the map styles. Why have one when you could have many? Why choose a style when you could stitch together conflicting ones? All hail incongruity!

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AD&D 2e DMG says that the game isn't a combat game. That took me by surprise a little bit, because what the later games turned into (the d20 system on) certainly are. Also pretty nice advice, generally. I'm not really convinced that AD&D2e isn't a combat game, though.

Using the dice drop method to come up with a dungeon using the 1d6*3d20 method
I've got this nice layout. I can only afford one loop given the way the dice fell, their results, and the purpose of the dungeon. Pretty nice.

I finished going over S&W. It's been mad easy to get distracted, which has been very annoying. This should probably have taken me only 1 Quarantine day. idk what's happened to my focus these days. I even missed running my own game because I'd thought that it was Thursday!
Anyway, here are my notes going through all of S&W. It's not really done. I still need to figure out equipment, which is why my note on Two-handed weapons and dual wielding is TBD. .

I know I've posted a lot, but I learned how to simulate a dice drop in Roll20!
This here is a dungeon floor, supposedly, generated with the 1d6*3d20 "Gygaxian" Dungeon method by Spwack.

Setting up the Swords & Wizardry campaign I'm getting puzzled by what setting/map and what dungeons that I want to use.
I had the thought that I might use the old County Anshuara that I had made when I was running Tomb of the Serpent Kings in LotFP. The benefit is that I wouldn't need to do too much more work in preparing it. The drawback is that there are some things that I don't like about the map. The other dungeons and adventure sites were placed kind of widely around.

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