Cepheus Light SRD ePub; HTML tables 

I'm working on an SRD EPUB for Cepheus Light because... why not?
Anyway, I just got to the problem of making career tables in HTML and I'm actually pretty stumped. This is one track I was taking on it but I'm gonna change it to having several different tables because it'll be a hell of a lot easier to make it look better than consolidating it all into one table.

re: Cepheus Light SRD ePub; HTML tables 


What are the tables and what is the problem exactly? I might be able to help.

Planning to use some Cepheus stuff for a WEGSWd61e/SWNr mashup campaign.

re: Cepheus Light SRD ePub; HTML tables 

It’s the stuff on page 11 through 16, right? I can do those for you if you keep working on the rest of the book. Sounds OK? I’ll hold off on starting until I hear a “yeah” though so we don’t both work on the same thing.

re: Cepheus Light SRD ePub; HTML tables 

@Sandra Well, I just figured out how to use "colspan" by consulting
I was mainly struggling with how to make cells span, so now it's not quite so ugly (it doesn't exactly look beautiful to me but it doesn't bother me).
That is a hell of a mash up and I'd be interested in hearing more about what you're cooking up.

re: Cepheus Light SRD ePub; HTML tables 

@Provinto That looks good. Yes, colspan is what you needed here. I usually use pandoc to make tables btw, but then you’d have to learn two things, it and HTML.

Re mash up: WEG SWd6 1e with my Star Wars 012 mod on the player side.

On the DM side is where all the trav/ceph/SWN stuff comes in. Gonna roll up a sector, there’s no Mon Mothma, no Leia, no Obi-Wan, no Tatooine, no Kashyyyk. But yes Empire. Basically Vader & Palp are the only characters that move over, and I’m not even sure on Palp. It’s just a SWN faction/tag game but with the familiar veneer of thermal detonators, light sabers, X-wings, Star Destroyers, macrobinoculars, imperials etc.

Basically taking the classic trav experience (like the old “Elite” video game) but putting as many “Star Wars serial numbers” back on to there as I can. None of the “plot armor, pulp movie heroics” stuff, it’s gonna be OSR AF, but still in the world of Star Wars. Sort of a very legendsy, seventies Marvel Comics SW.

All of that is suuuuper deep on the backburner for now because I’m very committed to stick with our current Forgotten Realms campaign for the long haul.

My other backburner campaign is a modern horror investigation game.

modern horror rpg 


The idea for the modern horror campaign is super pretentious. Everyone is in character all the time; any rules explanations are gonna be held outside of the gaming room or at another date, a session zero with some practice characters / practice scenario, so that once play stays for real it’s gonna be super focused. ← I get how ridiculous and overwrought this sounds but that’s the nature of backburner campaigns, to be able to daydream freely.

Everyone, including the GM, has two characters, one in present day and one past, maybe late sixties, or mid eigthies or early nineties.

The present day characters are insurance investigators going through old files, newspaper clippings, polaroids etc and I wanna have them start amassing a huge conspiracy wall with red yarn, this part is all gonna be heavily prop-based, sort of larpy.

This kind of play isn’t based on die rolls, it’s more like the old Sherlock Holmes game where you go through articles, photos, files, police reports etc. The GM’s ‘present’ character, Jeanette, is the boss. Sort of like a Skinner-like character from the X-files.

Jeanette is constantly trying to come up with non-supernatural explanations to the weird shit the player characters are finding. “That’s just a smudge on the lens” etc.

Nothing is digital because she has inherited an old, dusty physical archive and has hired the ‘present’ player characters to go through things and figure things out. Every week Jeanette is coming with new boxes of files, clippings, photos and… and “tapes.”

When we find a tape and “listen” to it, we switch to the ‘past’ characters and create the tape’s content through play.

Here we are using dice but some suuuuper light system, Cthulhu Dark most likely, something light enough that everyone can know all the rules by heart and we can just roll, look at the dice, not have to say the numbers out loud.

We are saying, through our play, what is being heard on the tape. The GM’s ‘past’ character, Diane, is a sort of secretary that says things like “We are standing in front of the address we found on scrap paper in the dead bookseller’s pockets. It’s a two-story apartment, connected to a row of similar houses. This place looks dilapidated and the street is dead quiet, no other sounds around” to the tape. She doesn’t fight or do anything (and if/when she dies the DM will make new secretary characters of course).

One idea is I could hit “record” instead of “play” the first time we are listening to the tape, and thus we would actually create a “tape”! I have an old Zoom H1n I could use. Most people haaaate listening to their own voices so maybe I would transcribe them into paper text documents that we later could review. (Doing secretarial labour in the name of gruesome horror is tight!)

People who visit my apt out of game are gonna get creeped out when they see the huge conspiracy wall with a map of our city with old clippings, weird Polaroids etc.

On the GM side it’s not gonna be light at all; sandboxy using systems from Silent Legions, not just a funnel to one big reveal but a whole tangled web of interrelated reveals. Probably not gonna be lovecraftian, I have some other sources I wanna pull from. (Being vague because my players are welcome to read my feed here on Fedi.)

You can see sort of my philosophy of a campaign needing a GM half. Sine Nomine stuff is something I often go to for that. Using An Echo, Resounding in our Forgotten Realms island hopping game rn.

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