Oh dear. I just realized there was some table rendering issues in Chapter 4 of the #OSRIC wiki and no one (yet) reported it.


Looks like I know what I will be doing a bit of on the rest of my vacation.

#rpg #dnd
Okay, that all looks much better (or at least readable). Can't believe I didn't see that myself sooner.


I know it is a ton of tables and could be improved, but other eyes would be appreciated. Check it out!

I didn't give it a close look at all, but the tables look great.

@👽Groundhog🚀Boris🐐 Every little bit of love it needed; so thanks!

Sooner or later I am really going to have to put in some time on the #DangerousDungeons section.


...but the main author is a bit hard to get ahold of, so much of the changes are cosmetic. I have been wanting to have the wiki become the main source of "development" since most of it has actually been a very long series of forum posts. :scream:

@presgas This is actually the first I've heard of Dangerous Dungeons. Sounds pretty neat

@presgas oh damn I actually already know of him. nice I'll have to check his work out more thoroughly

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