brainstorming. The Expanse books Spoiler 

In The Expanse the moon is little more than a really really big orbital base and mining camp. It's subservient to Earth and isn't at all sovereign in its own right. Mars is the rival of Earth and a very advanced military power. Its terraforming effort lays the groundwork for a relentless fanaticism. Not sure whether the jump drive would disrupt Martian society quite like it would the wormhole nexus.

The Expanse books spoiler, tangential 

There aren't quite as many inhabitable worlds in other systems that are as easily reached. Although, maybe that's not the case anymore.

re: The Expanse books spoiler, tangential 

In Orbital 2100 Luna fills the role of Mars in The Expanse. Luna's somewhat of a world that has some espionage tropes. It's constantly trying to flip Earth colonies to reduce Earth's power and influence. Mars could fill this side, but I think having an espionage trope is good. It'd be good to have a world whose primary move is to conduct covert operations and espionage.

I think it might be good if Luna & Earth are ostensibly on equal and peaceable terms who've set aside their differences. Meanwhile, Earth consistently performs threatening displays, Luna conducts espionage and distabilizes Earth colonies, and they also normally compete for resources between themselves. There could even be skirmishes beyond the Sol system.

Mars is opposed to Luna and Earth. Mars is, after all, attempting to become its own superpower within the solar system (not to mention within the sector). Mars was a colony of Earth and when it rebelled Luna came in to attempt to influence its revolutionaries to work in favor of Luna. The Martian revolutionaries, however, wanted Mars to be truly independent and spurned any Selenian advances and offers.

The result is a Mars that is by the demands of its terraforming project an imperial power in the system. It becomes chauvinistic in its acquisition of the materials beyond its planet (in the belts) necessary for its effort.
Relations between Luna & Earth are mostly cordial, but they are all imperial competitiors. Mars would also probably view them as the same in their desires to control the solar system (which is what folks on Jupiter and Saturn think of Mars along with Luna-Terra).

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