Pinned toot hmm, seems like we actually have different goals. My lifelong ambition is to drink all fruit, like a fruit bat spider, stealing it from its house and eating its insides with my proboscis.

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brainstorming. The Expanse books Spoiler 

In The Expanse the moon is little more than a really really big orbital base and mining camp. It's subservient to Earth and isn't at all sovereign in its own right. Mars is the rival of Earth and a very advanced military power. Its terraforming effort lays the groundwork for a relentless fanaticism. Not sure whether the jump drive would disrupt Martian society quite like it would the wormhole nexus.

There, made a music.

Have some random rainy electro sounds :)

Session 0 town and character defining idea. Ask:
What is a problem in town that your character has noticed?
The referee then develops the problem with any extra player input further for it to play out and/or confront the party.

Hey everyone, I'm happy to have a place to share my board game/RPG musings! Please feel free to interact with me however, I'm just happy to be here and have a sense of community.

I'm super into right now cause I just got it, and I totally (unintentionally) cheated to barely surviving Scenario 1 in Gloomhaven.

I'm hoping to get my ideas on paper for things to make progress, hopefully this gives me a place to share and stay accountable!

It's tough to choose between the various Traveller space combat systems.

Lately I've been using GIMP to make photos (like from into non-photo-looking tokens.
This is Tsar Boris III, the last royal of Bulgaria. I know that my players won't know who he is and he looks like he could be some planetary despot (or an official serving one) in a Traveller game.

This sounds like a useful set of resources for people running games between the 1850s and 1930s, I'm sure you can find copies online:

"They are travel guides, produced primarily from the 1850s through the 1930s and then trickling off through the 70s. There are tons of them covering Europe, but the occasional volume tackles other northern hemisphere locales like India, Russia, Canada and the US."

"[Vampires] only sparkle when they're on fire."
GURPS Monster Hunters 3 p. 8.

GURPS Creatures of the Night supplements are very good.

new to me, at least. For instance, I had no idea that there was a religion generator. I especially enjoy the heresy-type religions.

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Also Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator has some new, neat developments.

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Only recently have I discovered Armoria
Figuring it out has let me make weird things like this:

I've got three to four different ideas for Moment of Truth campaigns set on Mars.

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