Pinned post hmm, seems like we actually have different goals. My lifelong ambition is to drink all fruit, like a fruit bat spider, stealing it from its house and eating its insides with my proboscis.

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brainstorming. The Expanse books Spoiler 

In The Expanse the moon is little more than a really really big orbital base and mining camp. It's subservient to Earth and isn't at all sovereign in its own right. Mars is the rival of Earth and a very advanced military power. Its terraforming effort lays the groundwork for a relentless fanaticism. Not sure whether the jump drive would disrupt Martian society quite like it would the wormhole nexus.

D&D4e Thunderspire Labyrinth; campaign spoilers 

(got the name wrong in the original post🙃)
I'm changing the background of the Labyrinth. Minotaurs in my world don't really build stuff like that—instead I'm going to have the builders of the labyrinth be strange dwarf-but-goblin-like humanoids with a forever dream of conquest and dominion and happen to mythologize/idolize minotaurs.

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Hey #ttrpg folks, what's the best general use city supplement you have found?

I am looking for a more or less standard fantasy city as a location in my campaign (a provincial capital). Ideally not some sprawling metropolis and also not a seaport.

Hi all, I've been playing TTRPGs for a few years now, but still consider myself a relative newbie as I read the books more than I get an opportunity to play.

I'm a fan of exploring rule systems and settings, a lot of oneshots over campaigns.

My current favourites are:


GURPS Dungeons & Dragons (the Cartoon)
In the mid-90s, SJG started adapting settings from other game companies, most notably Vampire: the Masquerade and Traveller.

In a particularly bold move, SJG made a deal with TSR to license D&D settings into GURPS books.

They had hoped to adapt some of the flagship settings like Ravenloft or Forgotten Realms, but to start off with TSR only gave them permission to adapt the 1980s animated D&D television series.

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Dot likes TTRPGs because they keep humans in one place for hours at a time. #CatsOfMastodon

Hey 👋 I'm Daniel! I'm another white dude software developer who loves to play tabletop role-playing games and share pictures of my cat. I play & run a lot of #DnD 5e, but I also love other #ttrpg games, such as Vampire: the Masquerade (#VtM) and #CallOfCthulhu

I'm a coder so there might be some tech stuff in my boosts! I'm not much of a rpg creator but I have made some simple d&d-related web apps:

I am considering using Thunderift Labyrinth, a D&D 4e adventure module, for a GURPS game.

I've been considering changing how my setting's calendar works. Here's a description of how it currently works:
Making the year length 360 days, however, would make it so much cleaner, plus I'd have fewer months which already have incoherent names.

A garden world whose orbit is destabilized so it slowly passes away from the sun, doomed to become a rogue planet.
It's already been evacuated to other planets, so it's mostly a cold dying world.
Naturally, it's the perfect home for interested pirates. is the only site for which I'll allow ads.

Work on my campaign or work on my watching tv shows 🤔

One of the worlds, called Cahime, has as one of its distinguishing features that children are raised separately from the adults. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if this was randomly generated or if I just included on my own. Anyway, reading what I wrote about it I found pretty interesting:

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These "slow" Role Gate games are way too fast for me 😔

I've been putting together a Morgansfort campaign over Role Gate and I'm coming to think that Basic Fantasy might be my fave (or at least one of them). my only issue is that i prefer the consolidated mono-save from S&W, but that's an easy fix, especially since i can just rip that whole mini system from S&W directly to .

My coworker just gave me six GURPS 3e sourcebooks and a book of 3e character sheets.

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