Pinned toot hmm, seems like we actually have different goals. My lifelong ambition is to drink all fruit, like a fruit bat spider, stealing it from its house and eating its insides with my proboscis.

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brainstorming. The Expanse books Spoiler 

finished running Carrion Crown session. Feeling better about it.

"Know your enemy and know yourself and XP shall be yours." --The Art of Combat Encounters

I ran Free League's Alien sample scenario in the back of the book tonight. The final days of Hadley's Hope as a few colonists try to escape.
It went really well! The system is really simple, the increasing stress makes you better at rolls but also more prone to Bad Panic Things so they are far more careful about choosing to roll for something. Combat is also easy, but very brutal. But for some terrible luck on the Aliens there'd have been 3 dead, easy. Must try a campaign soon.

Made a quadrant with @traveller
The primary subsector is the top-left.
I have noticed recently that the notes that I place in parentheses may be disrupting the faction coloring (determined by brackets). So I will have to find a new place to put those notes or squish them under their system.

Hmm, what if I used but added in generic Civilian and War Events from These Stars Are Ours? Maybe just once every two terms so it doesn't cause skill bloat, and if you learn a skill from this it starts at 0-level.

DriveThruRPG deplatforms anti-establishment works without notice and steals your money to pay for their laziness. Comrades, repeat the Signal! Circulate *Police Procedure*!

Done! Mandala in the style of Germanic Gothic architecture.

A4 size watercolour paper, black archival ink, pencils.

If you'd like to adopt this original drawing, $50 USD which includes worldwide shipping. Message me to buy!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Cracking on with this. Using a Sakura Pigma Micron 01 just now. #MastoArt


Depression and the arts

My D&D group asked for the Aboleth's pronouns.

Of course, they have ancestral memory and therefore ancestral identity, so the answer is a bit complicated for those who don't experience that. Not so much non-binary as non-singular. In this particular Aboleth's case, it was literally a plural form of 'he/him'.

Take that, grammar prescriptivists.

“When I’m playing in an RPG and I can tell that the world is basically revolving around the party, I get claustrophobic.”

Thinking of taking the character creation system from Mongoose Traveller and converting it for GURPS.

Gotta get a better working title for this campaign I'm dreaming up than "Soviet Cepehus"...

is the only non-social I know that dedicates paragraphs to playing , and characters.

1/ Reality Storms may transform you into someone closer to your current ideal self (including radical body changes).

2/ Your Soul is visible in the GodNet, not your body. The mismatch may attract attention from the (very medieval) Cyberchurch authorities.

It's not huge and I don't know how it will turn out, but it definitely looks interesting.

There aren't enough chairs. I feel such shame.

— Goden Geshudmogshum, manager

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