Pinned toot hmm, seems like we actually have different goals. My lifelong ambition is to drink all fruit, like a fruit bat spider, stealing it from its house and eating its insides with my proboscis.

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brainstorming. The Expanse books Spoiler 

In The Expanse the moon is little more than a really really big orbital base and mining camp. It's subservient to Earth and isn't at all sovereign in its own right. Mars is the rival of Earth and a very advanced military power. Its terraforming effort lays the groundwork for a relentless fanaticism. Not sure whether the jump drive would disrupt Martian society quite like it would the wormhole nexus.

I feel like "self-refereed" or "auto-refereeing" should supplant "GM-less"

@CarlCravens @Provinto That reminds me of my current Josh Johnston inspired post-apocalyptic Hex Describe project (i.e. writing tons of random tables for appropriate mini-setting creation). If anybody feels like jumping in, you're all welcome. 😄

I've been playing recently and that has inspired in me the desire to play Gamma World (or just Mutant Future).

🛰️ Earlier this year, NASA’s TESS announced it’s first discovery of an Earth-sized planet orbiting within its star’s habitable zone. 📹 Check out my latest for more about this discovery and how I connected it to my game shelf:

Today's slightly unexpected DM thing to do: create a stat block for a balloon with a tiger's face on it.

Greetings, Tabletop!

I'm Terrana, and while I'm usually more active on, I hopped over here to see if I can find the tabletop RPG group I've been lacking for the last decade.

I'm a vaguely furry-adjacent dragonish sort, with a love of intricate systems, many things SF/F, and overthinking *everything*.

UK-based, monolingual English-speaker, apologetic for both facts.

Found The Dead Are Coming (Zombie Apocalypse Minimalistic ). I've never actually run a zombie apocalypse game. I had run an After the End game in GURPS that had semi-intelligent fast zombies, but they were a much smaller piece of the apocalypse.

I have finished making the Cepheus Light EPUB SRD. I'm caught on the cover, though. I have two that I'm considering. Black background with white courier new new font or white courier new font on the same cover art that was used in the original Cepheus Light. I'm sure that I can use it, because the art is public domain. However, something about using the same cover art rubs me the wrong way. idk.

Shadowrun out of context 

"I can drive-by punch"

Cepheus Light SRD ePub; HTML tables 

I'm working on an SRD EPUB for Cepheus Light because... why not?
Anyway, I just got to the problem of making career tables in HTML and I'm actually pretty stumped. This is one track I was taking on it but I'm gonna change it to having several different tables because it'll be a hell of a lot easier to make it look better than consolidating it all into one table.


Guy in that hread wrote:

Instead of placing the worlds ahead of time, I’ll decide when they arrive in a given system.

and I replied:
That can be unsatisfying because if “whereever you go, here you are” there’s no point in going anywhere. I’m trying to use a rumor system / information system as a solution to this problem.

As a compromise between “locations are definitely placed before campaign start” and “locations are all random and space is meaningless”, I place locations as soon as they are rumored about. (Placing them earlier is of course allowed too, but when they are rumored about I need to roll up a location for it.)

Exploring information becomes as vital to the game as exploring the map.

Here's a entertaining (perhaps not entirely useful) star system generator I found over on - the 'Realistic' Star System Generator. It made me laugh.

What do you call a cow with no legs? 

Ground beef

Hello, world!

I'm a 36 year old enthusiast. Loved the ruleset since I was a young kid. Played a bit here and there but haven't been able to keep up a group until about 2 months ago with the help of good friends and the magic of virtual table tops :)

Currently running a homebrew Shadowrun game with the help of GURPS Ultra-Tech and Magic. It's working well so far :)

I'm very happy to find a Mastodon community that shares a similar interest. See you around the fediverse!

A reddit thread on how to come up with ideas for adventure ideas for
That's one reason I'm glad to have the procedures from Classic Traveller and Cepheus Engine (and Cepheus Light). Something easy to fall back on to help with improv/running the game.

Something you don't expect to hear in :
"The pie has to roll to hit."

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