Blog recommendation: if you're interested in generated maps, generated histories, generated wars, generated seaways, generating place names and so much more –

I just rolled up a familiar and the result is amazingly precious. I'm not sure whether or how it would actually work. But, here it is:
Helpful butterflies whose true form is a coronet of weapons. Their motive is to purge the weak.

I made some house rules for the . Here's a PDF.
I also have an explanation for this on my blog.

I was recently interviewed by the Ludology podcast, looking into some of my board game background and how it influenced Slay the Spire.

A friend's running Exalted soon and were going to be a mixed group wandering past the salt lines of Chiaroscuro to find ancient treasures and punch undead horrors.
Were tentatively calling it "Fuck Liches Get Money"

Why Do People Interrupt You? There is a whole area of the brain that interprets when to take your turn in a conversation. How long do you have to respond before your interrupting or pausing awkwardly?

I would guess that this gets a real work out in a game session. When do I chime in? Should I interrupt the other player or let them finish.

Another character test, using the same process I did for drawing Bear. This time it's my own character idea though: a little spider knight adventurer =]
I like her a lot, I think I will name her Maskros.

Making Characters is fun. I think that it might be a better system for than GLOG, because of how the magic works in Dwarf Fortress. Add a death & dismemberment table, narrate hits as bruising the fat or muscle and that a cover combat. I was making a 2d12 system that would've maybe looked more like some Traveller abomination probably, but Knave would definitely work.
Races would be the trickier part, but dwarfs & humans could just be the same, just big & small. A start.

I was cried on by an unhappy citizen. I don't feel very empathetic.

— Litast Kälánîton, expedition leader

I cried on somebody in charge. That was satisfying.

— Momuz Oltarral, Farmer

The body of my friend decayed without burial. It'll take more than that to disgust me.

— Nil Endokatzul, bookkeeper

Worked on the Alpine Algorithm for the day. @textmapper should start generating slightly different maps, now. I was mostly concerned with getting more forest when using a lower number of peaks and avoiding the "striping" effect of a landscape that decreases in altitude in steps, leading to the formation of swamps at every step. See top right corner here for an example of striping:

And I played _another_ session of "Deeds, not Words" ( which was also really fun. I think the slice-of-life scenes are one of the main reasons why the stories turn out differently, and why it doesn't feel like I'm telling the same story over and over. Pretty happy with that, may clarify some explanations after a question I got during the game.

I also played Dread right after (Beneath a Metal Sky, the space horror scenario) which was also really fun.


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