Pinned toot hmm, seems like we actually have different goals. My lifelong ambition is to drink all fruit, like a fruit bat spider, stealing it from its house and eating its insides with my proboscis.

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brainstorming. The Expanse books Spoiler 

In The Expanse the moon is little more than a really really big orbital base and mining camp. It's subservient to Earth and isn't at all sovereign in its own right. Mars is the rival of Earth and a very advanced military power. Its terraforming effort lays the groundwork for a relentless fanaticism. Not sure whether the jump drive would disrupt Martian society quite like it would the wormhole nexus.

In my weird S&W-GLOG house rules I specify the conditions in which I roll morale for NPCs/enemies: 

• When the first casualty suffered.
• When half the side has been incapacitated.
• When the veil is torn and Zamzalasinzar crawls forth calling for his kingdom.

@Provinto "you can't do that because it's against the rules" is not only a sure sign of GM failure, but also highly indicative of a missed chance for awesomeness. (been there, done that ...)

people keep being really apprehensive when i queue healer in ffxiv and i forgot that i set my player info to this

#wip of a Tar'nex, one of my personal #alien creations. I hope to finish it soon, I was lazy with this one.. also I'm afraid to mess up the shading ^^'
#pencildrawing #traditionalart #MastoArt #CreativeToots #monster #exoskeleton #TarNex #skull #pencil #creaturedesign #creature #creatureconcept

Tech Priest commission (please pay me to draw more Warhammer 40k)
#MastoArt #art #CreativeToots

14 anarchist films to watch during confinement 

This list was originally put together by the Venezuelan anarchist collective El Libertario, I've found the original dubs and tried to find versions with english subtitles (Versions without english subtitles are marked NS, you can find srt files on OpenSubtitles):

The Wave (2008) - German film that portrays the rise of Nazism amongst a group of students. Based on a real United States experiment. [NS]

Libertarias (1996) - Film about the role played by the anarcha-feminist group Mujeres Libres in the middle of the Spanish Civil War.

Land and Freedom (1995) - Film based on 'Homage to Catalonia' by George Orwell.

Salvador (2006) - Dramatic film about the attempt by family and friends to prevent the Franco regime's execution of the Catalan anarchist Salvador Puig Antich. [NS]

The Green Beautiful (1996) - The film portrays a utopian planet where its inhabitants develop themselves as they get rid of the hindrances of the modern world. [NS]

Simón, Hijo Del Pueblo (2013) - Documentary that recreates the historical memory around Simón Radowitzky. [NS]

Lucio (2007) - Documentary about the anarchist bricklayer Lucio Urtubia.

The Anarchist's Wife (2008) - Film about a passionate woman who must search for her anarchist husband after the Spanish Civil War. [NS]

Manuel (1991) - A Spanish refugee in Canada, picks up Manuel, a twelve-year-old Portuguese teenager, who he teaches to read, to assert his rights and to whom he talks about the Spanish civil war. [NS]

Animal Farm (1954) - Animated film based on the Orwell novel.

Hombres de ideas avanzadas (2011) - Documentary about the Catalan anarchist Penina, who was shot by the Argentine military. [NS]

Sacco & Vanzetti (1971) - Film about the process that the US government unfairly carried out against two anarchist workers.

Joe Hill (1971) - Film about the poet and singer Joe Hill, member of the IWW and persecuted by the US government.

Libera, My Love (1975) - Italian film that portrays the anarchist struggle against the rise of fascism. [NS]

So here's what I have so far. I'm feeling pretty good about it, considering that it's very bare bones and extremely rough. I'm not sure what I want to do with it. Obviously it's going to be free since I have something from Ford's Faeries in it. That Notgoblin is very cute.

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AD&D 2e DMG says that the game isn't a combat game. That took me by surprise a little bit, because what the later games turned into (the d20 system on) certainly are. Also pretty nice advice, generally. I'm not really convinced that AD&D2e isn't a combat game, though.

Using the dice drop method to come up with a dungeon using the 1d6*3d20 method
I've got this nice layout. I can only afford one loop given the way the dice fell, their results, and the purpose of the dungeon. Pretty nice.

I finished going over S&W. It's been mad easy to get distracted, which has been very annoying. This should probably have taken me only 1 Quarantine day. idk what's happened to my focus these days. I even missed running my own game because I'd thought that it was Thursday!
Anyway, here are my notes going through all of S&W. It's not really done. I still need to figure out equipment, which is why my note on Two-handed weapons and dual wielding is TBD. .

What I would definitely import from AD&D2e, I think, is the format for monsters stats. They're much more detailed and comprehensive.

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Entertaining semi-seriously the heresy that I also use For Gold & Glory (the AD&D 2e retroclone) alongside S&W for my GLoGgery...

Tomb of Horrors is a bad D&D module but it's fun entirely because you can just look at it and see every single player behaviour that 1970's DMs got mad about

I didn’t think it was possible to be physically repulsed by an email

A nice discussion of XP for Gold. I really liked the part about greed and plunder: "… the worry is that this rule … invites us to … casually treating something bad as if it were good to do … insulting … the people who actually suffered these things (exploitation and colonization) and would appear to endorse, even if only in imaginative play, the thought that what they underwent was not really an injustice, or one not worth taking seriously."

This is the last page of "Animals of the Apple vol. 1" as always you can also check out the page at

For the foreseeable future I will be switching to a monthly posting schedule as I work on other projects, so don't expect another post until the end of July.

OSR musings: shields 

It bugs me that a shield is only worth one point of AC. Entire styles of warfare are based around "sword and board" or spears and shields. From my own sword-boffing days, a shield completely changes defense in a way that a single point of AC fails to capture.

My idea is to bump it up to at least 4 points (akin to "full parry" in 3.5) but lean hard on the limitations of devoting an entire arm to defense: One-handed weapons doing less damage, maybe not getting STR bonuses?

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