@StuffByBez that’s fantastic! It sounds like a great time. It’s so invigorating to do what we enjoy doing. I’m really glad you got to do that!

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Looks like posts are tradition and I'm a stickler for tradition!

My name is Suzanne. Most folks know me through my activities in including being a former co-host of podcast, current co-host of the podcast, and lots of social media chatter about games I love and working to make board gaming diverse, inclusive, and safe.

I'm a transracial , a mom, and know lots about crafting too.

Also I love pie.

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I guess I should toot my own horn as an introduction 🦣
At Board Game Feast I'm all about celebrating the ability of board games and a good meal to bring people together at the table. Stay tuned for photos and recipes to level up your next game night. I also live stream on Twitch and co host the Omnigamers' Club Podcast with deep dives on your favorite board and video games.

@Chikari oh wow, I have a hard time with favorites! I love Vindication, Bunny Kingdom, Wingspan, Ticket to Ride, Cryptid… but I’ve mostly played on BGA this last year or so, where I’ve been enjoying Ruins of Arnak, Can’t Stop, Azul, 7 Wonders Architects, and more.

Hello! Thought I’d drop an since I’m fresh from the bird app. I’m Ada, a photographer and board gamer. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so that has taken up my life lately. I don’t know what this new social space will mean for me, but I’m excited to try something new!

@StuffByBez knowing if I don’t, it will get worse.
I’ve learned doing the opposite of what my instincts tells me helps with my anxiety. If I want to stay home because of anxiety, I force myself out.

This website has helped me so much. It’s a very long read, but maybe it will speak to you, too? nothingworks.weebly.com/ Just knowing anxiety itself won’t hurt me, and there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just my nervous system working, helped me a lot.

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