My belated #introduction post:
Living in upstate NY after 1/4-century in NYC; usually reading about the 20th century and trying to figure out the 21st. Compulsive researcher. Preoccupied with soul music, crime films, and politics. I write books—one on the history of #Marvel and a forthcoming one on Tom Forcade, the founder of High Times.

Have you noticed how this chicken 🐤 is bigger than this car 🚗?

This is your reminder to have fun with social media.

@anniezaleski And that reminded me of this blog post from a woman who had been pen pals with John Hughes when she was a teenager. wellknowwhenwegetthere.blogspo

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Tons of old albums digitized 

Another absolutely bananas collection of audio at, the library of libraries: The vinyl from the Boston Public Library. You know that weird part of the library that's all old records? Remember how it smelled? Well here it is, digitized. Around 22,000 full albums (out of 69,000 albums; many have 30-second samples of each track).

We've got Wendy Carlos's Well-Tempered Synthesizer,

(Or 30 seconds of Anthony Burgess reading from A Clockwork Orange

And found sounds of NYC

Shirley Booth reading Dorothy Parker:

Tons of cowboy songs

Faulkner reading Faulkner:

And the Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music:

bassists are the unsung heroes of the music world, entirely underappreciated in everything they do

wanna see what i mean? check this out

🎸 there's a guitar emoji

🥁 there's a drum emoji

👩‍🎤 🎤 there's MULTIPLE vocalist emojis


see what i mean? totally underappreciated

Long-ass #introduction 

#introduction Hi! I’m Jake. I live in Michigan. Spent my 30s in Chicago. I’ve had pretty much the same day job for over 20 years (microsoft tech stack), and I've been married for almost 30. I am one stable-ass motherfucker.

For fun (and the occasional guest list spot), I run Glorious Noise, an old school music blog that @digistrategist (whom I’ve known since we were 15) and I started with some pals back in 2001. We gained a little notoriety in 2002 after going to the vital records office with $15 to buy a copy of the marriage license of John Anthony Gillis and Megan Martha White at a time when everybody outside of Detroit still believed the White Stripes were siblings. Blogger called us a "Blog of Note." USA Today called us a “hot site.” Ryan Adams called us “hack journalism at best.” We made a little money during the #blogads boom and blew it all on starting a short-lived record label and throwing a couple parties.

These days operations are pretty stark but I find it still encourages me to seek out new music at an age when most of the other dads I know only listen to stuff from when they were kids. We try to publish once a day, M-F, but sometimes I get depressed about the state of the world and can’t pull it together.

Back on twitter I kept two separate profiles: one for personal/political/local stuff and one for music/pop culture stuff, but I think I’m going to have a single account over here. I’ll probably stick around over there watching it all go to hell, but it’s nice to have an escape route. #twittermigration

I guess I’m a #twitterrefugee but I remember and how fickle outrage can be. Then again, I’ve lived through six degrees, friendster, and myspace, so I know that it’s possible for social networks to die off. We’ll see.

finding an instance - be kinder? 

I dislike the "it's not hard" and other posts that kind of handwave or mock folks who are struggling to onboard with mastodon.

Change is hard. And folks who are expressing struggle to get on Mastodon are trying to become part of the community.

Folks have different amounts of time, spoons, tech savvy, hardware, etc. all of which influence their ability to jump in on a new platform.

Maybe less "hurr hurr it's not hard if you try" and more "how can I help?"

A friend sent me this today, and I’m realizing now that maybe I’ve been attempting to be Jonny Greenwood this whole time.

Hello! Seems like a good time for an . I’m one of those who recently arrived from that other place, but I suspect I would’ve been here sooner if I’d known there was such a thing as a tabletop instance. I retired at the end of 2019, and since then it’s been playing board games, learning R, and finding new music.

I’m already enjoying the low-key feeling of this place, and the constant stream of boardgame toots…glad to be here!

bgg profile:

Cat pics? Is that a thing we do here? Here’s Milo. Note his tiny dainty feet.

#rstudio has a thing now where when you use a colour (name or hexcode) the editor shows that colour, which is very cool. What would be cooler is if you could right-click on those and a colour-picker would pop up.

The Handsome Family - "So Much Wine"

As recently covered by Phoebe Bridgers. Merry Christmas to all my fellow sad sacks!

You know, I don't always participate in #TransAwarenessWeek but since this is my second day on this platform I will take a moment to call attention to the fact that I am a trans woman. I am also engaged to a trans man. My space is one that I try to make safe for people of all types--except bigots, zero tolerance there. So, if you are part of the LGBTQ community, BIPOC, Indigenous, or otherwise oppressed, know that I am an ally and you are welcome in my space.

Bank of America downgrades Hasbro's stock from "buy" to "underperform". We have reached out for comment on our games too, have yet to hear back.

Apparently I'm not the only one up for a game of Concordia. ❤️

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