It is time everyone!!
The 14 hour mega stream to launch the Kickstarter for the convention starts now! First up, The Pandemonium Institute with special guests from No Rolls Barred!!

geeky joy about favoriting. 

I really love pressing the favorite button. Such a happy and pleasing animation.

My name is Ben and I am thrilled to be amongst the first of the remarkably diverse community to arrive here on Mastodon.

I reside in Portland, Oregon where I am growing a healthy and diverse Blood On The Clocktower community known as PDXBOTC.

Besides gaming, I love to photograph, climb, and backpack. I am also passionate about the climate and an EV enthusiast.

PDXBOTC has been invited to play live on Twitch with the amazing JessCCG tonight at 7:00PM PST.

Please tune in to watch and comment on our play at:

An amazing night of last night. An initial game of TB to welcome a new player and then we jumped directly into a custom that featured a Goon that flipped to Evil, an Evil Townsfolk from the Bounty Hunter and a Politician who absolutely sank the Good team.

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