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My name is Ben and I am thrilled to be amongst the first of the remarkably diverse community to arrive here on Mastodon.

I reside in Portland, Oregon where I am growing a healthy and diverse Blood On The Clocktower community known as PDXBOTC.

Besides gaming, I love to photograph, climb, and backpack. I am also passionate about the climate and an EV enthusiast.

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Last night we rung in the first night of Chanukah with Latkes and a 13 player game of #bloodontheclocktower featuring the almighty "Al Latkedikhia" (Al Hadikhia).

The Fortune Teller bluffing Latkedikhia survived until the final day and then town finally brought all their info together and executed them. #goodteamwins

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I figured it was time for the instance to have a proper #mascot, so behold, here they are! I'd sure love to play in a #BloodOnTheClocktower game with them as Storyteller...

Any suggestions for a name?

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We literally had enough players for two towns! A total of 19 people came out to play #bloodontheclocktower yesterday.

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An absolutely fun afternoon playing #bloodontheclocktower at our #FLGS #RedCastleGames. We opened with #TroubleBrewing and then moved on to a game of #BadMoonRising that had a doozy of a night with 5 deaths!! Our final game was a custom that is currently in the #BOTCWorldCup, #BirthdayFeast. A remarkable afternoon at a remarkable location with remarkable people.

@lindsaykwardell Heya! The Clocktower community is coming to Mastadon. And they are creating their own instance!! is in development!

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I waltz through the field
The others note my presence
moo, moo, moo to you.

The Off Meta crew have established a new mechanic for called Delirium. It is playing out right now on their stream. Tune in for some hilarity!

It is time everyone!!
The 14 hour mega stream to launch the Kickstarter for the convention starts now! First up, The Pandemonium Institute with special guests from No Rolls Barred!!

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For those of you struggling with an unwieldy new animal in your house, he’s a 1-page RPG to help you settle in! #rpg

From Oliver Darkshire:
(Edited for clarity).

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boost to pet the cat
     />  フ
     |  .  . l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ_ヽ)__)
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Going to try a thing: white guys, please boost!!

Comment here if you're: queer and/or BIPOC and you are interested in talking about #TTRPGs #GameDesign #LARP or #games #art so we can create some discoverability for marginalized folks trying to find community with each other

I'll start! I'm a queer trans nb person who designs and publishes tabletop games and LARPs about gender and queerness. My jam lately has been happy games about queer people finding love and community

#introduction #lgbtq

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Inside, employees tell me that they think it's over. The departure of these two executives today, "That means it’s over ... Trust is gone."

Twitter is on life support.
More on


What a special review written by @meeplemountain about

“Blood on the Clocktower is one of the most reliably excellent gaming experiences I’ve ever had… It has never once been anything less than wonderful."

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When I joined Mastodon, everyone was saying “just pick a server (instance) it doesn’t really matter which one.” I saw Universeodon and thought “hey, that sounds cool!” Turns out it’s literally for people who love planets and space! 😂 Oops!!

I stand by my choice 🌏💫💀🖤

geeky joy about favoriting. 

I really love pressing the favorite button. Such a happy and pleasing animation.

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To #BIPOC / #POC users of Mastodon (others can boost):

What do you make of CW culture and norms on here?

The people I see being most vocal about it are 99.99% White people which feels like a red flag

(edit: White people - you're welcome to read and boost, but please be mindful about replies as this is a discussion by and for BIPOC. This includes replies to other people's replies. Preferably just don't comment in this thread, I've gotten tired trying to moderate even well-meaning folk.)

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