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Gate was actually better than wish in 3.5, because you could use it to summon a geenie who could give you a lamp that gave you three wishes. The first two wishes can be whatever, and the last can be for another lamp of wishing. It was (and in many ways still is in 5e) the best spell in D&D.
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@mwlucas and so the "Jesus was a _____" begins. Skipping to the third iteration I know. This weekend is always amusing for these.

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Just posted my leaving facebook rant. I'd pretty much left it last year or earlier, but some people in my life assumed I still use it, or worse that I ever used for calendar/event management.

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Goodbye ...
Those 4 years I spent there were filled with good and bad times but I made some friends and met very nice people. Also I discovered digital art for myself and developed my Sonic fan charakter further than I would have without the SEGA community I first joined when my account was still new. Even though I became more inactive through my time there, it was fun while it lasted.

So a small RPG publisher just got screwed over by the Chinese. We need better print options.

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Every now and then I consider my "goofy" concept of treant assassins in d20, then I remember how terrifyingly easy it'd be for one to tpk a party in a park in broad daylight....

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Using the colourise mask for the first time being like: "WHY HAVEN'T I NOTICED THIS FEATURE BEFORE?!"

PS: I am so glad to finally draw digitally again after probably 1.5 months

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GMs, do you use the NPC building rules or build PCs?

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One of the things I spent time on for my setting today is an alphabet. One of the languages for my setting now has a 25 letter alphabet, based very roughly on Phoenician. Conceptually it will be English minus a letter (not sure if I,j,or y yet). Either this letter'll be duplicated by a similar letter or just left out. This'll give me something alien in initial appearance, but legible with practice.

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So took all of the sections of my cs setting book and read them over as a single draft. I realize now from complete than first thought. There's actually a section that I need to write from scratch, that I didn't see was really missing until I looked at it as a single piece.

Also, I need to remember that I exist here. I've spent almost all my social network time on I will make an effort to be here more.

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Officially switching the sci-fi campaign setting book I've been working on to a system neutral format. Not that #starfinder isn't good, just will make it easier to do an initial book neutral, and then work on supplements for various systems.

I've been super quiet here, space nascar session of was kinda bust. is this sunday though so hopefully that gives me more to talk about.

So I finally wrote up the adventure log of the last session of the local game. The fist session of the year is in 5 days.

What do I have in store for them?



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