Ended my Pathfinder RPG and Adventure Path subscriptions today. Supporting 2nd edition PF will come with time.

There's just still so much of 1st ed my groups haven't touched, and with setting work being system neutral now... it seems better to focus and save a little cash.

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So the Baldur's Gate 3 team are not happy with making a the game stick to 5e because leveling is too slow in 5e.

I liked how BGs and NWN(1) stuck to the edition in print at time of game dev, but perhaps BG3 should play a little faster or looser with that. A) Video Game market is different than the times of BG1,2, and NWN; also B)5e while simple and a very good TT/PnP, really doesn't feel like you can tell the same stories anyway (and has some real balance derps).

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I guess the white backdrop does do better (after I picked off the million tiny bits of multicolored minky fluff). Also she says Lessa should wear something more than a negligee, good grief.

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New rant: Not much going on, but some interesting things soon I think


So I open this "Warship" battlemat from paizo for , and wow the quarters in it are plush. Even those the shared quarters have big swaths of free space.

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New Rhialla journal up:


The journal entries are actually a little bit behind the game sessions. I'm waiting for the dm to answer a question before I put the next one up. (Since they're done as a journal, she needs time to write what's happened, and we've had lots of sessions end just before or just after a combat.)

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🎂 Five years ago, day for day, I started a speedpainting in #krita 2.8 while screen-recorning it: youtu.be/93lMLEuxSLk . Then I added another panel, and then another one... and now Pepper&Carrot is five years old. That's amazing! :blobaww: Thank you to the readers, patrons and contributors!

(same video, 1h normal playback speed here: peppercarrot.com/extras/videos )

Lots to talk about soon, my bones 4 ks reward came in, great pf session last night, got materials for genisis rpg, B5 game tonight ...

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Aaaaand the pattern is released (including the SVG source, so even if you don't have an embroidery machine but you needed a Pernese #dragon silhouette you can at least use that with a little editing to remove the outer stitching and merge the satin-stitched tail back into the main silhouette).



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Gate was actually better than wish in 3.5, because you could use it to summon a geenie who could give you a lamp that gave you three wishes. The first two wishes can be whatever, and the last can be for another lamp of wishing. It was (and in many ways still is in 5e) the best spell in D&D.
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