Ugh, just tried to follow a few more people and turns out this instance blocks not only a few ~15k user instances but also mastodon dot social, that's a bummer - and new to me after some time away, as I still have people I'm technically following...

@Belghast 100% this, but I am lucky because my bar for "intolerable" is pretty high.
Basically only WoW *needs* to be different, or let's say it used to be until DF. Those player/target unit frames in the top left are the biggest offenders :P

@dugsteen Some do a, some do b. I personally separate out gaming stuff because the overlap of people is actually zero, but that could of course be different for you.
If you like the local timeline, it might make sense to find a "general instance" with other like-minded individuals, whereas on the big ones it's a more of a firehose.

@nasser Find people to work with on projects and try to make helping easy. I don't like starting new things (or maybe I'm not good at it) but I'm usually someone who is happy to contribute a feature or actually work on bugs - you just have to find a team :P

re: online RPG tool wanted 

@gdorn Hmm, I only ran Jitsi Meet "once", mid to end of 2020, and it worked pretty much flawlessly for ~6 people - daily 30min call though and no fancy stuff, hardly any screen sharing, so I wouldn't say I can contribute any more than "good luck" :)

re: online RPG tool wanted 

@gdorn From all I've heard BBB is worse in every regard re: self-hosting, extendability, etc. People I know said they struggled to run it on anything besides the official release, so no containerizing it yourself etc.pp. (It works fine if you take it as it is, I don't want to harp pm the product itself), but take with a grain of salt, ymmv, and so on

Writing my first adventure (maybe campaign) for Pen & Paper in... forever. I notice I'm kinda rusty, let's hope this won't be too bad for the players. Not been using the system for 10 or 15 years, not DMed at all for that many years... but I seem to remember the world and a rough idea of the rules just fine, so let's gooo.

Un giorno ho smesso permutare il mio e così ho usato questo per molti anni.

Also yes, my Italian is pretty rusty.

re: meta 🙃 , 

@mxfraud I think the problem is more "the less technical / informed" the person, the more likely they're to join the main instance, so yes, it's a chicken and egg problem. But it sounds wrong to tout the pros of federation and then "but not that one big instance where half of your friends are, we don't talk to them"...

@AnthonyGOReilly Been completely out of wrestling since the late 90s, do you think there was a big change? I am usually good with recognizing and associating themes, but I have zero recollection of that being a thing back then.
But maybe I was too young, they did not have as much branding as now, or the German show subdued the OV audio a bit and the casters talked over it, always a possibility...

re: meta 🙃 , 

@mxfraud I don't know if "not talking to the biggest instance" is doing anyone a favor. I've seen it first-hand that people then just move from one small one to another small one which does federate. And I would 100% do that as well.

I've not played in years and Commander is still "that weird new inofficial community thing" but damn am I close to buying 2 preconstructed decks from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty because it looks so cool.

@rumorsmatrix An apt comparison I like is Google+ (despite all its flaws) - you choose a home instance because you hope to find some like-minded people, then you follow them. But that doesn't mean they're only talking about one thing.

@Tipa No, of course not - but specifically trying to form a group with outsiders I have experienced the disconnect of being on the 20-30y old version.

The game world could be mostly the same, but the rules are all different...

@Gorgmorg Good point, but I think that depends a lot on the system and how much has changed. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever converting a char to a new ruleset, it was always 'fresh group, fresh chars' :)

@taichara Yeah I guess I left out some context, but there's a monthly RPG meetup (well there was, before covid) but we've not been there for years and last time they had all transitioned to the new stuff (that's what I'm basing my assumption about widespread adoption on) - but I guess just joining a group (when you already know the world, just minus 20 ingame years of history) is a lot easier than DMing or starting with the new rules.

A small problem I see with playing the same systems with the same group of friends for 20 years is that we never seem to adapt to the new versions of those systems. For example we're still on Shadowrun 2 and 3 (yes, from 1992 and 1998) and we also never adapted any of the year 2001+ versions of another system (German Das Schwarze Auge).

Is that a well-known phenomenon? Do you do this? How do you find new people for your groups?

@Tipa Yeah I need to rediscover the cool kids again as well :P

Apparently most fediverse instances are being crushed by the influx of new users and activity from old users - yes, me too, although I did log in once in a while but never stayed.

Interestingly I should clean up my following list first, 90% of the people are on now-dead instances and I can't remote follow because either of the 2 parties might be overloaded as well now.

Not gonna repair my blog-autoposting thing for now, I honestly had forgotten it existed.

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