A small problem I see with playing the same systems with the same group of friends for 20 years is that we never seem to adapt to the new versions of those systems. For example we're still on Shadowrun 2 and 3 (yes, from 1992 and 1998) and we also never adapted any of the year 2001+ versions of another system (German Das Schwarze Auge).

Is that a well-known phenomenon? Do you do this? How do you find new people for your groups?

@Nogamara Sort of yes and no? Older versions get hung onto or gone back to, newer ones get taken out for a spin; right now I'm poking multiple versions of D&D at the same time.

Sticking with systems you like isn't bad, though, if you do like them!

No idea about finding new people, though, that's a whole other situation ~

@taichara Yeah I guess I left out some context, but there's a monthly RPG meetup (well there was, before covid) but we've not been there for years and last time they had all transitioned to the new stuff (that's what I'm basing my assumption about widespread adoption on) - but I guess just joining a group (when you already know the world, just minus 20 ingame years of history) is a lot easier than DMing or starting with the new rules.

@Nogamara I noticed that, too - also, when long-running campaigns switch "editions", they often come to an end. It may be that the change in rulesets also lead to a different feel that can be detrimental. It also hard to introduce new people into an existing group dynamic, but it helps to let them start at the beginning of a new "story arc."

@Gorgmorg Good point, but I think that depends a lot on the system and how much has changed. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever converting a char to a new ruleset, it was always 'fresh group, fresh chars' :)

@Nogamara Agreed! I did some converting myself, mostly between different Versions of D&D, but i don't think I ever used those PC in a game.

@Tipa No, of course not - but specifically trying to form a group with outsiders I have experienced the disconnect of being on the 20-30y old version.

The game world could be mostly the same, but the rules are all different...

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