So I tried this FFXIV thing today and it's quite nice. And pretty. Chose a Miqo'te Archer on Omega for a start, Level 6 already.
But the music totally reminds me of Ragnarok Online, maybe I didn't play enough Asian MMOs :P

@Nogamara the soundtrack is so good. They release it on these goofy bluray audio discs instead of traditional cds... but I am a sucker for them and end up buying all of them.

@belghast I think it was only one? city theme? of Gridania, and there's one ragnarok city theme I was so much reminded of, same instruments and a few cues :)
Looking forward to hearing more varied stuff. Had to chuckle at the level up music, I'm in no way an expert on FF, but still...

@Nogamara @belghast Just to add - if you're playing on Omega EU, you're welcome to join our free company (guild). We're small but growing :)

@Nogamara My husband and I played Ragnarök Online! Many years ago, to be honest, but we had a blast.

@angerina My first MMO. It was good, just at some point I started to like quests and not pure grind :P
Also it really showed its age...

@Nogamara Well, back then it was the only thing running on my husband's laptop. We later discovered that WoW ran at absolute minimum settings as well and said good bye to RO.

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