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Intro time.
I'm a retired MMO raider, someone who hardly finishes any single player games, and an avid board game player. That doesn't mean I'm good at any of those. As I'm German I played Settlers of Catan before it was cool - and had a multi year long losing streak in that game. I blog from time to time and am a general know-it-all.

They really messed up something in WoW with the 2 Dalarans.
I am currently on a 101 character that had at some point started Legion (I guess? Or a breadcrumb quest) and I can only get to old Dalaran, not new Dalaran, where my quest is.

Either I really can't go there without a port... or I'm not finding the way. Both are a horrible experience for returning players.

Bah, first failed dungeon in - apparently Titan is kinda hard, at least if your healer doesn't heal a lot...

So if I'm not mistaken Stormblood (2nd xpac) included Heavensward (1st xpac) and Shadowbringers (3rd xpac) is coming in a few months. So will that include the other 2? At launch or later?

Yeah, I'm level 25 on my first job, I still need to plan ahead... :P

This is the first day I manage to type my FFXIV password on the first try. Apparently it's long and complicated enough, took a few days.

Yay, Level 20 Archer in and completed the first dungeon.

I wonder what kind of person likes Battle Royale games?
Is the urge to win really exaggerated?
When playing any game (as in real life coincidentally), my objective never was to be number one, it has always been to be good at most things and preferably be in the upper third or at least in the top 50%.
I don't think I've ever wanted to invest the time and effort to become a top X of anything, at some point I always decided I was good enough (or sucked so much I stopped competing...)

I had a brilliant idea for a Shadowrun character but the first feedback was "our game master will never let you play that, not even as a one-off backup char while your main is off on a side quest"...

So I tried this FFXIV thing today and it's quite nice. And pretty. Chose a Miqo'te Archer on Omega for a start, Level 6 already.
But the music totally reminds me of Ragnarok Online, maybe I didn't play enough Asian MMOs :P

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Best low budget WordPress host, does anyone have suggestions?

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