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Intro time.
I'm a retired MMO raider, someone who hardly finishes any single player games, and an avid board game player. That doesn't mean I'm good at any of those. As I'm German I played Settlers of Catan before it was cool - and had a multi year long losing streak in that game. I blog from time to time and am a general know-it-all.

... and then 2 helpful people from the novice network jumped in and quickly ran me through unsynced Garuda and Titan, awesome :)

Waiting in 30+ min queues for 8man mandatory dungeons...

Ah well, at least Fishing is going up.

Just did Ramuh for the first time.

I think I've never heard cooler boss fight music. It was chill and nice and not hectic and stressful (looking at you Saucer GATEs).

Pure DPS class is meh, had that with my Rogue main of 2006-2014.
Tank and Healer spots are already taken by 2 friends, Protection Warrior and Resto Shaman.
Don't want another Rogue Main, I guess.
Druids and Priests aren't the best for DPS.
Paladins are not available. And shit :P
Hunter is taken, also 2 mail wearers already.
This leaves Mages, which I don't enjoy a lot pre-Wrath.
So Warlock maybe?

My favorite pastime on my commute (besides reading gaming blogs) seems to be thinking about what I will play for our planned WoW Classic group.
It's so hard. Maybe I was too altoholic all those years and actually played a lot during Vanilla, I keep finding faults with my options...

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