Hi. I've been playing D&D for about half a year and thus far have had a blast. I'm in a few campaigns currently as a murderous human cleric, a vain sea elf bard, and an arakocra tempest sorcerer who's half deaf from all the lightning. Nice to meet you.

@Andi_FASA @Nobylu If there's not a Spongebob referense anywhere in this story, I'm gonna be seriously upset. :P

@Andi_FASA @hawkjohenson The Sea Elf Bard, Sehyeon, is the resident asshole thot of the team. He serves to make everyone's life difficult outside of battle. Notable instances include starting a gambling ring, attempting to seduce everything that doesn't try to kill him, making the resident barbarian carry him everywhere, being mean to anyone/thing that's not "pretty", and being wine mom because the DM thought it was a great idea to give him an alchemy jug. No Spongebob refs here- sorry man.

@Nobylu @Andi_FASA ...Sehyeon's shenanigans alone make up for the lack of Spongubobbu. Nice. xD

@Nobylu Welcome to the Table! If you have any questions feel free to ask me or another mod!~

@artisticfennec Thank you! It'll take a little bit for me to get used to this site- please be kind!

@Nobylu @artisticfennec
I'm.....almost 3 hours in. ...this place is weird, neat

i think i like it

@Nobylu @Andi_FASA I feel that! I never visit the federated timeline cuz it is just too overwhelming for me, considering I can barely keep up with my home timeline as it is.

@artisticfennec @Nobylu

I think I'm on the federated one.
I also think I need an adultier adult

@Andi_FASA @Nobylu Oof, the federated timeline has all the posts from people you follow, and all the posts from the people they follow. So a lot. And far too overwhelming for me to ever look at.

@artisticfennec @Andi_FASA That's a good tip. Federated seems like it's just... oof. Way too much for an introvert.

@Nobylu @Andi_FASA Yup! Use the site in the way that makes you most comfortable! You can also edit stuff on your home timeline to remove boosts and replies from showing up there, so there's even less all at once!~ However you want to use this site is the best way for you to use it!!!

@Nobylu @artisticfennec
I'm not an introvert, but I'm still a bit lost. it's like a ton of people saying random things. From gaming to weird to blink-blink-what?!?

@Andi_FASA @Nobylu Honestly that might just be your home timeline depending on who all you follow. 😂​ It can be overwhelming at times, but it's also a ton of fun and a nice community!~ :sparkles_trans:

@Nobylu Of course I'll be kind! Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that's my defining feature!~

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