Hi! This is my .

I'm Eunice, a twenty-something worker and student who occasionally enjoys tabletop games and wants to get into again. I've played a bit since high-school, but never got to complete a single story (save for a Call of Cthulhu one-shot a friend once ran). I've played and , and got to participate in creating characters and planning a little for and

Pleased to join you all! :heart_nb:

I also own a set of , the medieval-esque fantasy card game, which is very fun. I play that fairly often with friends.

Also also, I'm into conlanging, so there's that!

@NewbieCapybara Welcome! Ryuutama seems like such a chill game. How was your experience with it?

@paintandwires I only got to make my narrator/character, unfortunately, but the process is fun from the start!

I'd really love to play it properly!

@NewbieCapybara @paintandwires Welcome! I also find the Ryuutama concept quite interesting. If you have a chance, let us know about your experience playing it

@angeles @paintandwires I don't know what else I could say at the moment but I hope I can eventually play and tell you!

@NewbieCapybara hi and welcome, lots of cool tabletop related stuff to follow here, enjoy! :tada:

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