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I should do a new post, since it's been so long.

Howdy! I love tabletop games of all sorts, but here are some of my favorites right now: , ( ), , , , , ( ), ( ), , by , , (formerly ), , , ...

And probably a lot more that I'm not remembering.

Don't mind me I'm just posting pics of #miniatures I've painted. I'm very new here. I'm Kristy and I paint minis with my WHOLE family and play a variety of games. We play damn near everything #warhammer #battletech #marvelcrisisprotocol #starwarslegion #dnd you get it.

other than Warhammer minis I also love painting badass ladies like this! ✨ #minipainting

I really like it here but if this community isn’t a welcoming place for my Black friends and colleagues, I’ll keep looking. I’m not cool with what I’m hearing (and seeing) so far on this front.

One way white people can be better neighbors in online spaces is to listen quietly, thoughtfully, and non-defensively to Black voices AND NOT ENGAGE. You might even take a moment to do your own labor to better understand something that doesn’t immediately make sense to you.

It’s not all about you (us).

Live now for Comics Chat! Join us if you'd like to talk about your favorite #comics & take a look at what books came out this week! I'll be on until I get too tired to #stream, I just got the bivalent booster so we might pack it in after a couple hours 😵‍💫😂
The book I'm holding this week is Image Comics' 'Crosswind' by the incomparable team of Gail Simone and @catstaggs with letterer Simon Bowland and production by Carey Hall. I HIGHLY recommend it!
#Twitch #ComicBooks

Hunger; Check Deposit Frustrations 

Last week, my paycheck from my new job was immediately deposited, but today's didn't. I was looking forward to having that money available because all I can think about is gnawing on a baguette or, well, any bread thing, and now I get to just gnaw on Ramen noodles instead. Grumble grumble.

40k Tyranids vs Orks fun 

I had a blast playing against Orks tonight, and learned so much! Parasite of Mortrex got to infect a unit with parasites, Swarmlord was a murder blender, and I exploded brains with my Zoanthropes. It was so much fun, and I can't wait for the next match!

I've left all my proxies behind, and only just now realized I have no Heavy Support Tyranids. I have failed my Hive Fleet. No idea if Carnifex is "good" in this edition, but they look cool, so who cares. I'm gonna get some.

Soon, I'll be taking commissions. Gotta sort some stuff out first, but wish me luck.

Got the first sprue of these built… so, who wants to teach me how to play Blood Bowl?

Can't wait to make some terrain later this week! I'm absolutely going to make some ruined building, maybe some walls too. But what else?

What other budget terrain should I make?

Okay, #introduction post!

I'm Saul. I'm a #narrative wargamer and I mostly play #Warcry. I love the #Warhammer #AgeOfSigmar #MortalRealms setting. I played a lot of the last edition of #KillTeam but I haven't tried this one yet (it looks great!)

I am on the GM team for #AnimosityCampaigns - an annual AoS narrative campaign on Discord. I do #wordbuilding, art and map-making there.

I also track GW's weekly #RumourEngine images and match-up solved ones on my blog.

People may feel pressure to understand how Mastodon works immediately & send out perfect toots asap

But as I’ve long told people about Twitter:

There’s nothing wrong in setting up an account, following people, boosting and favoriting, without sending your own individual toots

Hanging back and observing how people use this space can be low key! No need to set high expectations while you figure it out

I am great at Twitter but not w/ this atm - all a learning process #histodons #histodon

CW culture on the fediverse 

A thing about CWs on here: it's not just content warnings. It's TLDR, spoiler warning, table of contents, and much more.

If you were going to do this green colour in contrast, in one coat, which contrast would you use? I dont have much experience with the greens. New gutrippa flesh maybe? (Context: theyre 10mm models) #paintingwarhammer #warhammer

ok so i have no idea how this place works but here is the demon prince i painted in the last week 💕

ty to GW for the free review copy

I see a lot of new people, and I'm very happy!
Hello! I hope my artworks will cheer you up and delight! :tialove:

Sharing one of my babies today - Sigvald the Magnificent! ✨

Had so much fun trying new colors and more NMM on this piece! 😁

#ageofsigmar #warhammer #warhammer40k #warhammercommunity #miniaturepainting #paintingminiatures

The Mastodon Guide for has been updated! Check it out here:

One thing that was super common on Mastodon / Fediverse prior to this mass migration was adding image descriptions to help be accessible to our many blind and partially sighted users here. Many people won't boost posts without them.
Please consider adding alt text to your images when you can. :blobcatheart:

KEEP IN MIND! #Mastodon doesn't work like #Twitter!

Have you just made the #Twexit or the #TwitterMigration?

Favorites ⭐ - they're not "likes". They don't "elevate" posts, they just the poster know you liked their post.

Boosts 🔁 - these push someone's post into your friends feeds (and help discovery).

So if you ⭐ my posts, that's great (and I love you too)!

But if you 🔁 posts, then more people see them!

OH! - #Hashtags are how you search!

#mastodon #MastodonTips

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