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Tired: eXplore eXpand eXploit eXterminate (4X)

Wired: eXplore eXpand eXchange eXperience (4X)

#WildIdea #FourEks

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This is Eiwapde-r's bagpipes, a hungry symbolic key bagpipes developed by fiends. It upsets and discomforts you to look at it.

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Had a great time playing The Gardner is Dead with Beau Jagr and Ska at #ucon2021. Hope others check out this great game:

Spirit island 

I would take a special mini per innate power to put on the board too because 3 token to remmemr stuff is not enough on a turn when I am going to play 4 cards and 2 powers.

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Spirit island 

I am glad I have the game, but I don't think I will be bringing it to the table to casual players anymore.

It takes to games to know the rules and rarely people want to play 3 time the same game in one night.

By the time it hits the table again the subtlety of the rules is forgotten and how to remember those when there is so much accounting to do.

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Spirit island 

Great theme, great art, great mechanics, but the cognitive load is high for no vakye

I feel there is some choice made that work mechanically, but really increase the cognitive load for no reason: gaining energy could be done the last thing of the turn, so during the turn no one has to think about it.

I trully dislike the component, perfect for the theme, but they feel cheep and the natives huts looks like a mushroom.
The blight is a small tiny thing it should be big/bad

Apparently I need to play sleeping gods.
Anyone here played it?

Dune, the new boardgame 

I played the new Dune game, Dune Imperium and while it was good for a themed game, the resource part is somewhat a distraction.

The first game I ended up with so much, too much of everything.
The second game, I barely used the resource from the map and done a lot better.

So the core of the game is not in the core of the theme, but it is not in the way of the game either.

Good quality components and pretty art, worth playing, maybe worth having if you are a big Dune fan

Enjoying throwing some dice and fighting monsters without having to put too much effort into it.

the balance thing from the avatar RPG kickstarter is looking pretty good

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Not sure if there are folks who are looking to find the Bulldogs! Fate 3.0 / Fate Core books (along with some of the others from the Kickstarter) but if you are please ping me:

Group discounts available and might even throw in some other goodies.

(Note: Offer only available for USA folks. Until we can get cheap matter transport it's actually less hassle for me to send this to the moon than to where most of you live. Sorry!)

#bulldogs #farecore #faterpg #ttrpg

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Avatar the last airbender the TTRPG, yes, but hear me out: a wizzard of earthsea the TTRPG

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The Horned Rat Companion is out in PDF! I am absolutely delighted to be able to say I contributed to this, so much good backstabbing furry ratto boi content.

When you loose your dice but in a lucky way.

Image description: a dice lost behind some bus stop / behind a fence, the 6 is face up.
(Also people put garbagr everywhere)

Small loot, positive 

Snapped a 2003 game of thrones game for £20

I sae one about two years ago but missed thr opportunity, happy to have a chance to grab this one.

There was some cheap marvel game for sales at The Works, like sinister six and wakanda forever for £5 and £10 respectivelly.

I might have considered the wakanda forever if the price was the othwr way around, just to get the black panther model

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My game was added to the indie bundle for Palestinian aid!

It's a free game, but (not that I think this'll be a dealmaker for anyone) if you have the bundle, you now have access to the exclusive paid commentary video. Bear witness to my meat form. Or don't, and enjoy the other 1270 games in there. (still available for 6 more hours

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Yay! The 4th part of The Enemy Within Director's Cut is out, AND I was one of the writers! Writing brand new material for an improved ending to one of the biggest names in TTRPGs has been, uh, intimidating, and I'm bloody delighted to have my name in there.

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I got published in a D&D add-on! It's only a couple of drawings but I think it came out well :>

(also if you buy this, 100% of your purchase goes to the cancer research institute)

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