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Meta, block, infegy, yet anoter new archivist instance 

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If you're looking for an actually PUNK game by an indie dev that could use your support, check out Extreme Meatpunks, where you smash neonazis in giant meat-mechs.

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re: fantasy reframe, fascism 

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So I'm looking for a job, but finding livable game design jobs is like chasing unicorns, so that means I'm looking for a job that I don't actually want.

So I'm looking for something livable and bearable and attainable.

My main qualifications are basic office competence, just under a decade as a billing rep, and whatever I can spin my game design experience as.

What does that add up to? What job titles should I be putting in search bars?


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Hello! I'm Jacob and I publish tabletop games! I've got bestselling supplements, original work, and a WIP D&D campaign setting.

🎲​D&D work:
🌎​Nexus setting:

Also I like people but I'm bad at initiating contact, so feel free to randomly @ me if you need something or want to chat or whatever.

Life is hard, but we've got each other. ❤️​

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#mastoadmin (mostly, as far as I can tell) rejects gab, kiwifarms, etc from being able to see any of our content (uploaded media, toots, users, etc) from their servers. would it be useful to explain how we do this? if i say "i do user agent checking in nginx and block if it matches a set of expressions", does that explain it enough so that i don't need to write the post?

thanks in advance for your replies <3 (feel free to boost, i guess)

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introduction time!

i'm biologically an elf and my biological name is kiilas

my biological pronouns are she/her and they/them and my biological gender is demigirl

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Continuing to remember things that have happened since I was last here:

I'm working on a new called that's set in the world of but is an anticapitalist adventure game about how aether/magic is a freely accessible resource but the use of it outside expensive academies has been shamed so only the rich use magic.

Very early proof of concept doc is free on itch:

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FYI, when a publisher blurb describes an author's work as "fearless," it's almost certainly a synonym for "bleak". Fearless joy is extremely uncommon and unpublished.

Sexism in role play 

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Somebody left a review on my Mage-Knight class and it included this nugget at the end:

"I would love to talk to the author at some point, in my opinion, he's one of the best class designers on dmsguild!"


It feels so good!

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Oh yeah, here's a fun story from while I was gone:

I made a bet in the big FB group that people think stuff is OP by default.

I posted a "homebrew" spell that was all the same stats as Fireball, but instead of 8d6 damage with a save for half, it was 4d6 with no save. So in 99% of cases, it's just "Fireball but everybody auto-saves."

Well over half the comments cried about it being SUPER broken.

I won the bet.

Then the mods deleted the post. 😅​

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Warhammer fantasy role play log 

Warhammer fantasy role play log 

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Anybody looking forward to Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus?

Anybody have thoughts on the right time to start promoting a related product over on birbsite?

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Holy hell, somehow my shortcut button to this site disappeared at the same time I got busy with some stuff and habits got broken and next thing you know it's mid-August and I don't even know when I disappeared.

Um, hi?


@vicorva do you have a portfolio for your audio books?

What should I bring to a role play evening. we are goin to the DMs house and I dont know what is the etiquette.

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What server software do you use #Tusky with?

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