Time really flies! I haven’t been here for a while even I read people.

There wasn’t time to play anything, but were plenty of time to read&write (It means so many books to talk about). And soon I’ll start to work in a new job. Maybe you remember how I was complaining about my manager. I’ve still 2 weeks to run away from him but you know, time flies 😄

I have found many great books and writers recently:

- Karin Tidbeck: Amatka (novel) and Jagannath (short stories) is awesome. Long time I didn't read something like that, fantastic and full of weirdness.

- Borges: I know he is a famous :) But I've never find a chance to read his books. I really liked his short stories.

- Gustav Meyrink: I was looking for old weird ficton novels and I can say Golem is a gem.

- Stefan Grabinski: If you like Poe and trains, The Motion Demon is for you :)

While summer is slowly comming to end, things are getting calm and settling again. Most problems in my job solved and I'm really grateful about that. I hope my silence in here will end too :)

When I heart 2nd Edition, I felt disappointed. I don't know why but I should think Pathfinder will be same until end of the time :)

And I'm reading new rules now. It's going really well. I really liked the way it evolved. I hope I won't see it was a mistake :) Did anyone try new rules on a table?

For the first time my story published on new and important speculative fiction platform in my native language. I'm very happy and proud :)

It's distopian weird fiction about a society that started to hang people and stuck a first day of hangs that cause to destroy people and go insane day by day.

Long chitchat :) 

- I have a writing club! :) I'm so exciting to find readers/commentors for my works in my native language.

- We are trying to launch speculative fiction webzine. There will be stories mostly. You can't find webzine or magazine in my native language and it'll be great if we have success.

- And started to watching Dark (2017) and it's great. After Lost Room, I'm looking for similar show. I'm not sure if it's similar, but still great and weird in its own way.

- I'm here :) (2/2)

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Long chitchat :) 

Wow, it took too long to come here again. So many things...

- Finally I had find time to play ttrpg as a GM! It was good, but it's hearthbreaking to see PbtA games aren't for everyone.

- I found many new writers, books and my perfect genre :)

- Still working with same client/manager. It's hard to work under him as he is very demanding, lack of project management skills and annoying. But economy is mess in my country and it's very hard to find new jobs/clients right now. (1/2)

It has been a while!​ And a few books... 😀​

Tapestry of Dark Souls by Elaine Bergstrom: I really like Ravenloft books and this one's ambient, character development were really good. Plus I visited good old times of Wizards' books 🙂​ I haven't read them for a while.

Very Far Away from Anywhere Else by Ursula K. Le Guin: Very naive, amazing Le Guin.

I read Wheel of Time books now. Currently 12th. I believe I'll finish the serie this time. And keep reading Georges Perec and Roland Barthes.

I've finished all books of (3+3) recently. Does anyone know when will other books published? :D

Right now I'm reading two books: Life: A User Manuel by Georges Perec (My all time favourite writer) and Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer (Amazing writing tips. This is my second round).

And playing again after many years. I realized I missed this game :) But it's sad to hear Anet has some issues.

Storyshop.io has a new look now. It was a good writing suit (even the free version), but I didn't like very much before. I'll give it a shot again.

Wow! Alita: Battle Angel is a great movie!

Have you ever tried to combine tabletop pen&paper rpg games with pbp games? Like investigating on pbp and playing rest of the game on voice chat or face to face.

It's sad to see no one in the group could find time to play even an online ttrpg session. We are getting old :)

Do you know any ttrpgs like (invisiblesunrpg.com)? As a surreal fantasy game with a modern setting, it really catchs my attention, but price is more than I can afford. I think will be similar, but it has super hero influences which it isn't what I'm looking for. If you tell me its setting is playable without being a super hero, it works too :)

A little bit weird story, cosmic horror 

We Will Be Changed When We Hit The Ground

Waiting was something that shorten his fingers. Something that melts his skin and burns his hair. Changes him until nothing left from himself.

When he got out of the shock, realized the hole suddenly appeared under him was a well. The walls were built with stones and after a while everything was covered with moss. He didn't see. Light didn't come with him. It was waiting above as a little dot.


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I've never tried to translate my short stories to English. Possibly I'll see I don't have enough skills to do that, but I want to try :) If it looks good to you and want to read, I can keep translating. If you don't, I'm open to criticism.

Title and first two paragraphs are in second post.

When I feel melancholic I want to read Gormenghast again which I read first time when I was a child. Do you have this kind of books?

Maybe it's early for many of you, but I'm in 2019. So...

Happy new year to everyone!


I'm asking something about keyboards 

I've bought Asus X550v for a really good price. It was a display product which is checked and very clean. There is just one thing I'm not sure.

Keyboard's space bar is softer than other keys. There aren't any visual differences and it looks solid. Just other keys sound "click" when I press, but this one doesn't give the impression like I clicked :) I press twice often accidently :D

Do you have a keyboard similar like that or do you know is this normal?

I The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson. After first trilogy (I have really enjoyed it) wanted to read but scared to see it doesn't good as I hope.

It's really good and I like the new characters :) Really good reading.

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