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quote of the night that hit us all hard for some reason:
"What the fuck do sailors do?"

being a DM means playing "It's Gonna Be Me" by NSYNC before the game

hot tip:

use Pokemon gijinka as inspiration for your npcs.

I used a Roserade gijinka for a fae courtier and it made my life easier

I'm really jazzed to play pathfinder tomorrow. I'm like... super craving it?

my kneejerk reaction was to give this minor NPC in the next chapter a husband but then I decided, no
lesbian sailor instead sounds better

As someone who played a Catfolk, my personal answer is:

YES absolutely are you kidding??

I love the idea of my bourgeois bard waking up out of a dead sleep and clamoring over his sleeping spouses to go run laps up and down the steps because he has too much energy and a zest for life in the middle of the night

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Do ya'll think Catfolk/Tabaxi get the kitty crazies like regular cats? like do they wake up at exactly 2:47AM and deadass sprint out of their house and then come crashing back in 10 minutes later all puffed up with like, a stuffed animal in their mouth or something?

Gotta settle in and focus on working on the campaign today. Get the next part set up and get a few visual set pieces in place...

"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

I get a ton of inspiration mostly from music and I accidentally fell into a Johnny Cash playlist and I'm just living for this. I listened to "God's Gonna Cut You Down" (no video, just a still image with music: and I hit such a vivid mental image of a scene and I hope I can do it justice. Especially because it'll be a turning point for the PCs I think

I keep mulling over this one specific part in the campaign I want to happen. It's no where near that point yet, but I just am really excited about it???

we're not playing tomorrow but I'm basically aching to try to do some small plotting for the game next week. They going into Little Mermaid territory

Without fail I read "Polymorphy" as "Polyamory" and it takes me a few seconds to correct myself mentally

If anyone has a 3d printer + likes to print minis out for RPGs, HumbleBundle has a bundle full of that stuff for the next two weeks!

pic update. There's a few sets buried in the bottom under the others but dang this box ain't gonna be big enough soon.

They fought a Primal Bandersnatch last night and I'm still pretty proud of them for surviving with no healer
yeah they went on this road trip without a healer, but they have an npc sorcerer who can teleport anywhere so it's not a HUGE deal if things go wrong but... ya know

ideally the PCs will have their personal arcs nearly done or wrapped up.

I'm finding it easier to just present a few choices and let the characters meander, and sometimes have to grab them and drag them back on path because... idk, options seem clearer to me than to them.

I appreciate people who do 3rd party content and have to do playtests so much more now, lol

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so last night we closed out on the "Fuckin road trip to Andoran I guess??" section of the campaign that I had no idea was going to happen.

next on the road trip map (and hopefully shorter but idk lol):
Osirion (briefly)
Mwangi (end?)

I'm getting sick and doing voices made my throat hurt so much tonight lol

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