Occult Rituals are just like reading a witchcraft book from a new age store, but it actually works and maybe you accidentally summon a demon or are cursed to be eternally hungry or something

My players are jerryrigging a 100% evil occult ritual (used to forcibly sever a Kami from their ward to make an Oni) to NOT be evil and also actually help free a Marid from her bindings

If it fails, the primary caster is cursed with "Ravenous Hunger", so they're going to have the undead sorcerer be the primary since that's just how he is already & he'd be fairly easy to subdue

Find out if it works next week, hopefully they all roll good~

@Miru my friend is going to use those for his Pathfinder game. I've totally slipped out of Pathfinder rules since 2016 but these seem really neat.

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