I'm always excited to get some weird RPG supplement book that has jokey sex stuff in it, but without fail it's always transphobic and I sigh and ignore it

@Miru I haven't gone back and looked at the 3e BoEF in a long time. The ominous way you said that I'm now not sure I want to.

@Mycroft I forgot about that book tbh!! I don't remember anything terrible from it, but the last time I looked was in college so who knows how hideous it actually is

my partner got a weird flavor book and it has a brothel part, so you know it gets... dicey. :think_disappointed:

@Miru The main thing I remember from it is magical tattoos that replace equipment so you could have effects like boots off elvenkind, belt of giant strength, +2 studded leather armor, etc but still be 100% nude.

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