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Remember, sometimes playing a character in a allows a person to explore parts of themselves they can't in real life, or even don't know about yet!

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Happy Bi Day! Never forget everything in your game is bisexual. Yes, even that monster you hope no one will seduce. Because it will be seduced.

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I'm gonna re-introduce myself a bit since there are so many new folks:

I'm Miru, I primarily play and am currently DMing a homebrew game based after the events of the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

I collect dice, have strong opinions on world building, and am trying to do a RPG (?)

Feel free to ask me any Questions you may have!

who wants to see my ugly crystal map children because they are themed with ~special properties~

Crystal cave maps are done, tweaked the boss one to fit what I had written down and now just need to populate with a few appropriate aberration lads

I'm in love with this for making nicely-formatted books:

It even gives you the freedom to change the backgrounds and other CSS so you can fully customize it!

I think I'm gonna try to use it to make a full GUTS+ PDF book :D

and tbh? I don't feel like leveling them all up to 20 where they should be, so I can just... scale up their stuff.

The oracle always used inflict
Cleric was a healer 99% of the time
Rogue was stab
Bard was buff/debuff
Fighter was a huge physical DPS

my bard and his fighter companion were the ones I've leveled up though, so that'll be easier.

I think I should make up small 'cheat sheets' of sorts for my player's old PCs to show up in an NPC role... I don't want to have to juggle 7 NPCs + any enemies, so if that somehow happens, I think just keeping control of them myself with limited utility for me to just quickly pluck key features of the old PC off

I think I've figured out how I'm gonna do my notes so I don't feel like I'm "wasting" my notebook that I set up.

little notebook: used for detailed game notes of shit I need to remember (names, interactions, etc)
big notebook: ideas, condensed bullet notes on chapters with big details

my new d&d character, a hyena-like cleric with a nature theme: the grassy gnoll

Here is another Main Boy that I will hopefully make a game of One Day....his name is Ilyx !

I need to make a few more maps now :think_unamused:​ nbd, just means I have to move some enemies around

cw: cliffhanger text from my homebrew Show more

my players burst the hype I was building and everyone laughed so hard they were crying and I had to bring myself back from the brink to give the cliffhanger cavern

Also a very difficult thing with aberrations is one player is sensitive to that kind of stuff visually. So yeah, cool spooky snake/eel tentacle dude is fine, but I need more to go off of than that.

it's really difficult but also rewarding for like... being aware of your player's comforts and actively trying to make sure they're good while still offering some of the Spooky Stuff

So I'm doing some stuff with the Dark Tapestry a little bit in Pathfinder, and i find the most frustrating thing with this kind of stuff (i.e. eldritch horror) is that is' just always like:
"Oooo so unknowable and scary oooooo"

like yeah, things being vast and incomprehensible are scary, but how many times can you basically say you cannot grasp its form or what's going on with your weak mortal brains

Commission I did for a friend who wanted a warm-toned landscape.

as a GM with some Deep Anxiety™, having people tell me in detail what they like helps sooth it a lot. because "oh no it's good" feels like a platitude but saying "I really liked (x), and (y) is neat"? means a lot

my one player super stroked my ego and told me how much she's enjoying what I've done and uhh... it helps a lot to hear it.

she thinks I've made the world feel living and stuff and it's nice to hear it looks good from the outside.

Tomorrow I have to work on pathfinder. I had a few things I need to set up and I super can't wing it because I need some more details for what I want.
enjoy my vague posting ya'll

Is there a good website to do like a wiki of sorts for NPCs/Enemies?

Right now I use a Facebook group (post pictures, important info, etc) and I'm thinking of just getting off of it all together, but I want a replacement in place before I do anything.

nsfw adj. shitpost, my own campaign stuff Show more

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