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Remember, sometimes playing a character in a allows a person to explore parts of themselves they can't in real life, or even don't know about yet!

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Happy Bi Day! Never forget everything in your game is bisexual. Yes, even that monster you hope no one will seduce. Because it will be seduced.

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I'm gonna re-introduce myself a bit since there are so many new folks:

I'm Miru, I primarily play and am currently DMing a homebrew game based after the events of the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

I collect dice, have strong opinions on world building, and am trying to do a RPG (?)

Feel free to ask me any Questions you may have!

I have improved my organization. That was not satisfying.

— Lòr Logemil, manager

Probably a good idea to have a quick reference for water combat rules on hand for tomorrow. I'm just going to leave the swim rules open for it because that's too much to try to shorthand down for me.

I'm just going to dump various covers of Zora's Domain on my players for musical aesthetic tomorrow

"I can't find a good aquatic looking undead for aesthetic, what if I just google... undead mermaid"

a billion different edgy Little Mermaid drawings come at me from every side. I sigh and chuck that idea for now.

The sarcophagus is empty except for an enchanted flint wand which can banish golems but summons a small imp who just stares at you, creeping you out.

Lots of bad instances/folks are cropping up again recently. If anyone sees one, or a post about one going around, feel free to DM me with a link / information and I'll look into it! Keeping ya'll safe and comfortable in this space is important :thinkergunsunglasses:

My players are jerryrigging a 100% evil occult ritual (used to forcibly sever a Kami from their ward to make an Oni) to NOT be evil and also actually help free a Marid from her bindings

If it fails, the primary caster is cursed with "Ravenous Hunger", so they're going to have the undead sorcerer be the primary since that's just how he is already & he'd be fairly easy to subdue

Find out if it works next week, hopefully they all roll good~

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Occult Rituals are just like reading a witchcraft book from a new age store, but it actually works and maybe you accidentally summon a demon or are cursed to be eternally hungry or something

me right now: "Oh I had this really cool idea for the game tonight where did I write it down"

spoiler: I didn't write it down.

TIL that a Chaos Emerald is actually a thing in pathfinder and is a wondrous item??

I love mastodon because someone has experience about SOMETHING you wanna know about and is always pretty willing to share their knowledge

It's also extremely strange to actually sit down and figure out all these important NPCs ages and birthdays. my warrior cohort was 19 when he joined the PCs in Rise of the Runelords, so he ended the campaign at 21... and with the time skip he's almost 33

I mean, my old PC is technically 42 now, and his wife is in her 50s, so ya know

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I've started to put together a pseudo-wiki through Google Sites for our pathfinder world and it's super limited, but in a way that's really nice?

less to worry about, more user friendly for everyone, etc

not even ugly, just not completely human but with some tusks and green skin.

don't get me wrong, I love a good human-but-tusks design as much as anyone, but I also really want more ORC in that half-orc, ya know

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I know the world needs more hot half-orcs but also, consider:

the world needs more ugly half-orcs too

mastodon privacy PSA 

Periodic Reminder that server admins have access to ALL private messages that you share through Mastodon. Your admin, as well as the admins of anyone that you communicate with, has full access to all of the content that you share. This is a necessity of the design of Mastodon. Please act accordingly

it'll have been a year next month since I started to do this DM thing and honestly I didn't think I'd make it this long?

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:drake_dislike: looking into vocal training for your transness

:drake_like: looking into vocal training to help with rpg voice acting for games

I'm always excited to get some weird RPG supplement book that has jokey sex stuff in it, but without fail it's always transphobic and I sigh and ignore it

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