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I drew my for a hopeful future campaign. His name is Vox and I love him already.

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The elves still watch the skies, for in bygone ages the gods set their greatest weapons in the heavens. Once, long ago, the sky was radiant and night was unheard of. Then the war came and they plucked starfire and angelhives and power words from the sky to destroy their mortal creations.

There are still too many stars in the sky, and their purposes are still unknown. But all speculate, and watch the skies, and fear the cold light of the weapons of dead gods - and wonder when they will return.


My name is Mira and I've been into tabletop gaming for a good while now. I've never actually played (I would love to one day) or anything but I love listening to others play! I can't wait to see what everyone has to share!

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