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A final picture of Hell-Raisers on the shelf, just for good measure.

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Better late than never! Here are more photos from the Hell-Raisers in Kanawha Country prototype. I've continued working on this with @DearPaidiaic
ever since the 2022 Consim game jam, and pretty happy with how it's turning out so far.

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Like, I know how the portability is a large part of Turncoats' appeal, but what if there was a version of the game that was the exact opposite of portable?
Introducing the one and only ceramic edition of Turncoats!

Turncoats production update 

I know a lot of people are waiting on Turncoats right now, so I just wanted to show off the 600 copies that just arrived in the mail. Sure, they're "not finished" and it's "not even nearly enough to meet demand", but it's still pretty sweet.

I'm Matilda. I made Turncoats, and I'm also making some other games? Generally a fan of when mechanics speak for themselves.

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