Boardgames, arts, and crafts 

Like, I know how the portability is a large part of Turncoats' appeal, but what if there was a version of the game that was the exact opposite of portable?
Introducing the one and only ceramic edition of Turncoats!

Boardgames, arts, and crafts 

@MildaMatildaGames Hah! love all the diy versions that have been created. I assumed you were on board bit maybe that was an incorrect assumption?

re: Boardgames, arts, and crafts 

@lostapiarist I'm 100% on board, its amazing to see how creative people are. There is a free public print and play on bgg, but it can't really hold up to what other people make.

This one I made though. It's taken on the same table as my other game photos.

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