If you're interested in buying my games, fill out this Google form to get out on the waiting list.

After doing so, all you have to do is wait until your copy is ready, at which point you'll receive a payment request. Right now, there's a very long line so please be patient.

If you ordered after seeing the SUSD review, keep in mind that I have about 200 orders left until I can even -start- fulfilling the Tsunami.

And if you're confused about why I use Google form, uh, check my bio.

@MildaMatildaGames Out of curiosity, did SUSD warn you that they were doing the review?

@zounds yes, I walking around with anxiety the entire week leading up to the the review, despite knowing it was positive

@MildaMatildaGames Oh no! I hope you're happy with how it came out. The game looks wonderful.

@zounds I'm over the moon with how the review came out. It was actually incredible.

@MildaMatildaGames Oh my goodness :o Are there any thoughts about getting other folks involved in the production process now that the game blew up, or is it just gonna be a one-lady-show for the foreseeable future?

@FlowerMouse I have actually thought about it - my primary candidate right now is a LARPer friend who lives pretty close to where I do, but that means I suddenly have to figure out the legality related to employment and salary and all of the parts of board game production that I'd rather do without.

the only reason my company even exists legally is becaues it was doing too well for it to simply be a hobby

@MildaMatildaGames Ahhhhh I see I see, well the most important thing is to do it in a way that fulfills you, of course! c: It definitely sounds complicated. Handmade board game designer > production manager seems like a big leap to take. I wasn't even thinking about how even a small team could require a lot of legal stuff :o

@FlowerMouse Its basically the difference of going from a company with no employees to more than zero employees. Suddenly there's a lot of extra paperwork involved.

I don't see any change to the role I play in the company, its more that I probably need help physically making the darn games.

@MildaMatildaGames Ah, that makes sense too! Yeah, I can't imagine the kind of backlog you have after that video @.@ I got in when there were like 3k views on Tom's review and I thought I was pretty screwed, and now it has 93k :o

It seems like a lifetime of work for one pair of hands if even a tenth of those folks put in an order! Unless you just become superwoman and start sewing like there's no tomorrow xD

@FlowerMouse we'll see how it goes! by my current predition, I might be completely done with all my current orders in about a year from now, but we'll see what happens :)

@MildaMatildaGames Ohmygoodness, really?? Good lord, you *are* super... That is an incredible pace if that holds up, wow! I suppose you're a proper expert on the process, so that makes sense. Still though... Holy moley... You are amazing

@FlowerMouse at least judging from my current pace and amount of orders, although it's probably a bit optimistic. Plenty of things can go wrong along the way

@MildaMatildaGames I just placed an order. Is it possible to get the rules in English and Swedish?

@erik_a_sunden yes :) especially if you order swedish, I usually put in one of each.

@MildaMatildaGames I don’t recall what I chose in my order. :) I’ll ask you again once you send me your invoice. I foresee that it can take awhile until you reach my order. :D

Congrats to the success! ❤️ Grattis!

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