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If you're interested in buying my games, fill out this Google form to get out on the waiting list.

After doing so, all you have to do is wait until your copy is ready, at which point you'll receive a payment request. Right now, there's a very long line so please be patient.

SO! A bit of an update on Turncoats production. I have now sent out payment requests for everyone who ordered before the SUSD review.

Now the real labor begins, I suppose.

We are 636 young people in @auroramalet who are suing the Swedish state for insufficient climate action.

”When the state carries out climate policy that threatens our human rights, it breaks the law.”

#aurora #ClimateTrials #UprootTheSystem

My copy of Turncoats arrived today and I was surprised at just how small the package was. It looks great on the table and I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks @MildaMatildaGames for such a neat and portable game.

@theonetar One of my fav projects this year was helping @MildaMatildaGames with some graphic design on a portable bag version of Ur! It's a delightful little game.

Today is #TransDayofRemembrance when we honor and remember trans lives taken by violence. How horrifying that a deadly attack upon the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs should occur right before this solemn day.
Hate isn’t born in us. It is taught. It must end.
This starts with our political leaders, who must cease their cynical attacks against our community before another attack occurs.
Call out the hate. Remind them of its consequences. Hold them to account.

re: Self-promotion 

A final picture of Hell-Raisers on the shelf, just for good measure.

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Better late than never! Here are more photos from the Hell-Raisers in Kanawha Country prototype. I've continued working on this with @DearPaidiaic
ever since the 2022 Consim game jam, and pretty happy with how it's turning out so far.

👀 Im not normally one for aesthetics in prototypes, but Hell-Raisers has looked pretty sweet throughout its development so far, the physical prototype is kinda surreal!

Boardgames, arts, and crafts 

Like, I know how the portability is a large part of Turncoats' appeal, but what if there was a version of the game that was the exact opposite of portable?
Introducing the one and only ceramic edition of Turncoats!

Trans rights are human rights, click boost. :transgenderflag:

I like making stuff and wanted to learn how tile designing and htv vinyl works so I found a game called turncoats by @MildaMatildaGames and made my own copy. Hopefully this is ok cuz it's never leaving my collection. If you want a nice high quality copy you can find it here It's really simple to learn and yet it's really deep. My wife beat me at it several times and one day I hope to win a round.

Turncoats production update 

I know a lot of people are waiting on Turncoats right now, so I just wanted to show off the 600 copies that just arrived in the mail. Sure, they're "not finished" and it's "not even nearly enough to meet demand", but it's still pretty sweet.

Well let’s start that research now, with a highly scientific poll. “Please boost for reach” (and to offer me some always-needed validation), etc.

Which applies to you most closely?

(NT = neurotypical, ND = neurodivergent, including suspected/self-ID)

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Unboxing Prototypes 

I ordered a bunch of Game Crafter prototypes and unboxed them!

Unboxed an early prototype print of @MildaMatildaGames 's Hell-Raisers in Kanawha County
And then a first draft print of 3 games: Unraveled, Opacity, and Conviction!

I know that Mastodon isn't trying to be Twitter, but I really do wish q at least had the option to show how many boosts, favorites, and replies a post has without having to click on it.

Alright table top designers, let's all try to find each other on this by posting your favorite/obscure design tips. One that came up last week:

Your cards will be viewed from different sides around the table so someone will see it sideways or upside down unlike in digital so don't stress about the orientation too much if it's not perfect.

I keep seeing people say Mastodon is nothing like Twitter. And they’re right.

Mastodon is an echo of the old internet, it’s decentralised, chaotic. What you get depends on your sysadmin. You can’t search, everything has to be shared to you by a human. Networks split apart and rejoin. What you see is your unique connection to it.

Is this good? Maybe. But for me that’s the internet I grew up with. No algorithms, no targeted adverts, just human interaction, and it was glorious.

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