Hey! I'm Alicia, I'm 19, I'm new to tabletop gaming. I want to get into DND but I live in the middle of nowhere so I don't have people to play with. Making characters is still fun, but I have no idea how to make a good character. I play munchkin a lot when I'm over at my boyfriend's house. Idk what else to say about myself. I'm looking for friends so dm me if you wanna talk!!

@Melodymayhem Welcome to the Table! If ya ever have any questions feel free to ask me or another mod!~ :sparkles_trans:

@Melodymayhem Hi!!! There are groups online you can join! I'm sure there are some #DND and #Pathfinder groups here that are looking for new members.

If you need character creation help, I'd be happy to assist and I'm sure others will too.

@Melodymayhem welcome to the community & to TTRPG (tabletop RPG) gaming! D&D is the intro system for a lot of people (and I’m not slagging on it!), but there are a TON of other systems out there that encompass basically any skill level or subject you might want.

As for lack of players, check out online gaming like role20. It can be little harder sometimes, depending on your internet, but can be pretty rewarding, too.

As for making characters, post em here! (behind cuts). Get advice to improve!

@Melodymayhem a lot of character making is experience and finding the balance between fun characters and playable characters. Backstories are a good place to let loose your creativity. Alternatively, you can create our backstory as you play

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