I don't have a dog of my own. So I'm always very happy to visit someone else who does have a dog. :)

Board Game Photo 

Played Ark Nova last night for the first time since April. I enjoyed it more than the first time, but it still doesn't light my world on fire.

I had a conservation card from the start of the game that needed a herbivore and a partner zoo of the same continent. It took me more than half the game to find a single playable herbivore.

That huge deck combined with nearly a dozen different tags that may or may not be necessary or present on cards is exhausting.

Board game acquisition 

My partner bought me Burgle Bros 2 for my birthday! We both love the first one, I'm looking forward to seeing what sets #2 apart.

But first, stickers must be applied! Luckily I had The Nerd Shelves live stream to keep me company.

Puzzle progress 

I quite regularly forget that puzzles exist, but when I do pull one out, I'm reminded of how relaxing and enjoyable they are!

Board game photo 

Verdant has arrived! I've been eagerly awaiting this one and can't wait to get it to the table!

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