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I'm an who plays in her free
time...and when I should be doing other things. This account will mirror my Twitter account; the mirror is run by @akuchling .

I have a YouTube channel, Cosmic Game Connections, which connects the world of astronomy to the games on my shelf in unexpected ways. And I at where I post short game reviews and blog entries to accompany my .

On the : We investigated aliens and weird phenomena in Legendary Encounters: The X-Files Deck-Building Game, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.

Recently, NASA’s TESS spotted a star shredded by a black hole. Turns out, the star broke Rule #1 of black holes. I talk about this and how it connects to Clank! in my latest video:

Oh, hey, that's my review! We love Karuba, especially watching how everyone's islands evolve differently. Thanks for sharing this


The holiday season is approaching! Our Spiel-nominated tile laying game is one of those games everyone will enjoy.. From beginner all the way up to serious gamer. Check out this review from to learn more!


Ahhh….to be the lazy element πŸ§ͺ


Argon, the first noble gas in the periodic table to be isolated, was named after the greek word for lazy after it was found to be totally unreactive. Lord Rayleigh, born , and William Ramsay earned the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry respectively for its discovery.



Happening Now: The planet Mercury passes directly in front of the Sun! ✨

This front-row seat view is from our satellite that keeps a constant eye on the Sun from its position in orbit around Earth. See more views:


Picked up ClipCut Parks today. Way more game than you might expect when handed a sheet of paper and some safety scissors!

It wasn't looking good, but we pulled it off! We drove out the Invaders of our beautiful island.

Near a black hole things can go from weird, like seeing things that should be blocked from view, to bad, like getting spaghettified. Check out what happened to a star that wandered too close to one and how I connect it to Clank! in my latest :

On the : We cultivated our trees with a mix of flowers, insects, stars, and clouds to make our tree spirits happy in Kodama: The Tree Spirits, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.

Happy !

Be careful out there - the Universe can be a little scary if you don’t know what you’re doing:

Our galaxy is full of terrible vacation spots!


It's heeeeeerrrrrrreee!

Our Galaxy of Horrors is LIVE (or undead, depending on how you look at it).

Two new posters, available NOW for free downloadπŸ§›πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘»πŸŽƒ


In my latest I look at the First Rule of Black Holes and how it relates to Clank! Check it out:

On the : We battled as kaiju trying to be the lone monster standing in King of Tokyo, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.



Just in time for Halloween! A double feature of two new posters from terrifying trouble spots in our galaxy.

These real worlds are more frightening than any creature featureπŸ§›πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Available for download Tuesday, Oct. 29, at



Look what we found while moving offices! We're gonna give this promo away to one of you!
Tag us in a pic of you playing between now and Halloween and you'll be entered for a chance to win. Wearing a DoW costume in the pic will earn you TWO entries!


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